Teacup Heart U, Me and Coffee Talks...!!: January 2014

Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Red Balloon

With a red ribbon trailing behind, A red gas balloon..
Soaring high in the sky, removing all the gloom..

It floats past the silver beaming moon..
Heading to heaven which it call its home..

Performing a Celestial Dance..
Putting me into a deep Trance..

Making its way through the sparkling stars..
Making me forget all the scars..

Making the Clouds Its Pillow and Sky Its Blanket..
I wish it could take me too in its casket..

Making me a Part of its Fraternity..
I wish it could take me to it’s home – The Eternity..

Singing Heart Singing Heart