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Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Royalty Personified In Childhood

Royalty – A term which everyone defines as per their own perceptions.. Some find it in cars, some find it in big palaces, some find it in diamonds, some find in life style, some find in love and where do I find it?????

Royalty is not about how much bank balance you possess but its about how much rich you are in ur values and ethics. It’s not about how many dollars or rupees you donated..It’s about how many smiles you spreaded and how many hearts you touched…

And I guess in that case… I for sure have been a Royal Baby when I was born.. because I brought Smiles on the Faces of all my Most Loveable Family Members and I touched their Hearts with my tiny little ten fingers… and Black eyes…*wide grin*

And ya, I possessed royal values since birth. That’s the reason I took tears and pains of all and I alone cried when I was born and gave happiness and smiles on the face of all. So wasn’t I generous? I made them forget their pains and gave them joys…*tin tin tidin smile*

See how Royal Baby I have been. Moreover, being the only kid also defines the royalty. A royalty of love and care and pampering showered...*wink*

So, It’s Just Not About Being Wealthy, It’s About Being Rich and Royal as Well… Rich in Values and Royal in Ethics and Loving…   So am I not a Royal Baby?

P.S.- This Post has been written as a Challenge given by Indiblogeshwaris

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Life is What You Make It - Book Review

There I was alone fighting my secret Battle with depression.. Several words, incidents and emotions haunted me that neither could I express nor could I suppress… It was a feeling like standing on the top of the cliff of the edge, neither having guts to fall and at the same time not wanting to get down…

And at that stage of my life, I thought of visiting a book store and getting a book that can divert my mind from such pessimistic thoughts. And I saw this book “Life is What You Make it” by Preeti Shenoy, published by Srishti publisher in 2011.

This 209 page novel is one of the national bestsellers. Its tagline attracted me in the first look of the book which said – ‘A story of love, hope and how determination can overcome any destiny’.

Preeti Shenoy has written about the most sensitive issue in the society which people take it very lightly and it is ‘Bipolar syndrome’ -  A disease which takes birth in depression and ends in suicidal tendencies.

And as we all know, as per the statistics, India is leading in the suicide ratio. Often depressed people are mistaken in our society as either mentally unstable or crazy. And so we fail to understand the bipolar syndrome symptoms.

This book  - ‘Life is What You Make it” is about a girl, Ankita Sharma, who is quite brainy, intelligent, loveable and artistic girl who has always aced in every exam she has taken and is very career-oriented.  She falls in love with a guy named Vaibhav in her school life and keeps in touch with him even after school life through letters.  

Then in college, Abhishek enters her life and their love starts budding. But when Ankita gets her admission in MBA in the most reputed institute, she decides to choose career over love and this makes Abhishek commit suicide.

Ankita gets over it and enters the MBA institute and makes her mark there. She is very enthusiastic girl and is always helpful to others. But slowly, the regret of Abhishek’s suicide haunts her.  She starts losing her concentration in studies. A girl who was an avid reader once a time now doesn’t understand a single word even when she reads repetitively. She finds it all black drops on a white paper- meaningless and lame. The frustration overtakes her and she tries to commit suicide and finally gets landed up in mental asylum succumbed to parental pressure.

There, Dr. Madhusudan helps her come out of that depressive stage of her life and explains her the beautiful meaning of life and tries to re-instill the spirit of living life in her reminding her of  her desires and passion.

My Opinion:
It’s a must read for all the people who have at least once in life lost the meaning of life for whatsoever reason and thought of giving up on anything.  It’s for u to explore what happens with Ankita then? It’s a gripping story and you would want it to finish it in one go. Excellent narration. Stirs up the emotions.

Bipolar syndrome is a disease that is discovered in most of the people these days. It has also been discussed about in Kareena’s latest movie flick – “Heroine”.

The people who are victims of bipolar syndrome, are very enthusiastic when they have work on hand and are quite hyper-active, over-happy, outgoing and bursting with high energy levels and that is called manic state. They get anxiety attacks. They don't even sleep in this anxiety.

But when they are idle and in depressive state, they feel a void inside them and try to commit suicide since they find all dark around them and lose concentration. They are given tranquilizers and are forced to sleep. They get innumerable sleepless nights and turn insomniac even.

‘Lunatic’ and ‘Crazy’ are not the correct words for such people. All they need is someone to hold their hand and show them again the origin of light in their life. They need to be reminded that they are important. They need to be reminded of their own passions because anything beautiful can be accomplished only with passion and not with pressure.

Life is for sure What you make it so why not make it beautiful and purposeful. And help gaining the purpose to those who have lost the purpose in their lives.

So Grab your copy and touch a heart and enlighten a soul. Just hold a hand and eliminate the darkness. If u can’t be the sun, at least be the candle.

My rating:

This review is a part of ‘That Tuesday Thingy-Dwitiya’ by Indiblogeshwaris.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Happy 1st Birthday My Kid - My Blog..!!

Hurray..!! It’s time for Celebrations and Parties…  *Fireworks* *Drumroll*

Finally My Kid- My Blog is completing its 1 year.. And I m really happy that it has got voting as 69/100…

So it’s my blog’s birthday and that too a Happywala… yay…!!  

Just like My Life, even my Blog has gone through lots of ups and downs… 1st inning .. then 3 months of hibernation mode and then again 2nd inning…

Firstly Thanks to My Mentor For Bringing me to this flowery world of Blogging where I can express my emotions out as and when I want and share it with the world …  and spread smiles and spread love as I always say..

Thank you My Family Members for Supporting me and motivating me even when I am low to pen it down..

Thank you my dearest friends for always giving me wonderful comments and giving me so much of Love and bringing a tin tin tidin smile on my face..

Thank you to each and person for being such a wonderful audience and always encouraging me to write more and more with your awesome feedback and making me what I am today…

Thank you to all those who commented and left their foot prints on my blog and my heart as well.. And also those who just visited but dint comment…   It’s all because of u where I have reached today…

Most importantly my Mentor who instilled words in me and remained my source of inspiration throughout this journey.. If she would have not discovered my this talent I would never have scribbled a single word here that can touch ur heart…

I hope I live upto the expectations of all of U more in future and give u more wonderful and creative scribbling that touches ur heart more and enlightens ur soul the most since u all know that’s the motto of my life…

To sum up this journey in few lines I would just say-
“Words when left unsaid may leave a scar…
  Words when said may take u far..
  But words when said beautifully
  Makes u shine more than a star..
  Thank u all for being with me throughout these walks..
  We will be catching up more on U, Me n Coffeetalks…”

Here’s a birthday cake for all of you…. So lets sing altogether…

“Happy birthday to you…
 Happy birthday to you..
 Happy birthday to U, Me n Coffeetalks..
 Happy birthday to you…
 May God bless you…
 May God bless you…
 Happy birthday to U, Me n Coffeetalks..
 Happy birthday to you…”

*candles blown* *cake cut*…

Pls open ur mouth so that I can feed u the mouth-watering yummilicious cake…..!! Isn’t it yummy?...

But nothing can match the aroma of coffee and sweet, cozy talks that come directly from the heart… So here’s a coffee that can bring Smile on ur face.. and touch ur heart …!!  Grab ur cuppa coffee and get ready for more U, Me and Coffeetalks..!!

 P.S.- Please keep visiting more and leave ur foot prints here and on my heart as well...

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Travel, Travel and Travel

The path may be of sand, water or gravel..
All I do is travel, travel and travel..
Lost among the people that pass in hush and rush..
Having my morning coffee or may be being a lush
Thousands of faces that have plastic smiles..
Walk by my side for miles..
Although being besides me, they are lost in the world of their own..
And here I am still travelling and exploring all alone..
Playing with the strings, trying to play the correct note..
Following the path aimlessly, unaware where my thoughts float..
Having a faith that I have a beautiful paradise waiting at the end..
For it’s just the Bend,  and not the End..
Still in the search of a heart, that can make my thoughts unravel..
With the passing time, all I do is travel, travel and travel…!!

P.S.- This poem is written for 'That Tuesday Thingy-Premiere' of Indiblogeshwaris...!!

Singing Heart Singing Heart