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Monday, 17 December 2012

Parting is NOT a Sweet Sorrow

Has Anyone Ever Made a Silent Escape Outta ur Life… ??? Without Giving Any Explanation???

She stood there waiting…Shattered… Broken… She stood on the same crossroads for months thinking what went wrong??  She dint utter a word ever but her thoughts penned down…

What went wrong?? What just went wrong?? Why this sudden blow??? What made you do this??.. When a relation was/is built, 2 persons are involved.. then while breaking and walking away why only 1 decides..

You looked at me with your watering eyes that day… That’s when I felt that this was about to end…. I was frozen at that moment… My heart raced fast and my mind had a Hurricane of Thoughts… Worse than “Sandy in USA”…. I knew something was coming up that would make my heart sink and fragile…

But u dint say a word.. U just hugged me with all ur warmth and affection and let me go…!! I wanted to scream and tell you that pls don’t give up on me.. Don’t give up on anything for what u have hold on for so long..  But you walked away without even explaining me.. without even uttering a word to me.. without even letting me know.. Not even a last good bye…

You walked away and I could barely breathe… I turned around and fell on my knees….I am shivering as the truth is settling… That Ur Tomorrow has Nothing to Do with me.. Its Urs and Only Urs…!! I have no place in that.. not even a small microscopic…

I feel shattered.. I feel bitter.. I feel sad.. I feel hurt…These emotions come like a tidal wave.. One minute I am all OK.. Other minute it just hits me and sees me breakdown into yet another series of relentless tears… I cant eat and I cant sleep.. As I lay awake, I get lost in series of questions which I need to be answered… But instead .. Here I myself ask and myself answer all the possible multiple choices.. and also choose the best alternative as per my assumption and yet not satisfied…!!  The pain of watching you walk away without even a single word or the fact that you never even consider looking back has made me shatter… But still all I am concerned is r u ok????

Its so tough to accept that someone u knew thoroughly, have shared 24 hrs with.. is all gone in just a fraction of a second without uttering a word.. Was it not necessary for me to know???  Even if you would have told me the reason to go away ,I would have pleaded you to stay but then would have let you go coz all I desired was ur happiness.. Atleast that would have given me a feeling of contentment….instead of a betrayal… You had all the rights to move on and I respect that but wasn’t just informing a duty??? It wud have lessened my pain coz atleast I knew the reason… Atleast I had peace of mind… Atleast I wud not have passed countless sleepless nites finding of the answers of all the permutations and combinations of What, Why, Where, How???

You are already gone and I cant even see your shadow…  I thought u were with me all the time.. forever.. I miss everything about you every second…

The memories are like dew drops..Sinking and blending with my tears…
And My Heart is Now in Bits and Fears…
No more Expectations and No More Hopes
Coz I have untied all the Ropes…
All the doors are shut
As if my Wings you’ve Cut..
I am limping and wounded
Our memories are grounded
The cuts are deep and hard
For the walls there is no guard
Sand is slipping outta my hand..
Lost the moment for a band…
Wish we had together a Last Stance
As Life May not Give us a Second Chance

I m still standing at the same crossroads waiting for ur return.. I m picking up the pieces of pain..

I still aspire that you will come back..

You will heal this pain deep within my Heart.. Wipe the Tears that Fall from my Eyes.. And Glue the Pieces of my Glass-like Heart and Mend this all again…!!

I still hold those memories with tight-lipped silence.. As the breeze sweeps my hair, winter again takes me back with you. Flashes of your smile that made my eyes go small.. And with that innocence when you look at me, I let my heart change its rhythm just for you…!

However, although I m still wandering on the same crossroads with same thoughts every single second.. I am not paused in life.. I walk with you, I drive with you, I work with you.. I relive my Today with you…  Coz I know you..I know even you are not happy… then what made you do so??  We have had fought with one another many a times, but then we have patched up every time with much more affection than before..!!

This strong storming force of silence fills me with aloneness and the sound of its gloominess takes me to an alien world from where I can never return. The sound of this silence is so audible to my deaf ears that I can no more hear the shouts of the past and I dig more into the hollowness of nothingness. The resonance of my breathing wakes me up from my silence and I regret this act of respiration that keeps me alive.

To all of you.. Have you ever experienced someone walking outta ur Life without saying a word…?? Does it hurt more?? Or explaining and leaving with mutual understanding hurts more?? I guess the former one..  Even if you wish to walk out of someone’s Lyf.. Pls make the person understand and then leave.. coz u might just walk away and not turn back.. and when u turn back u myt have lost the person forever..!!  And understand the storm of questions and answers that person undergoes… just coz u walked away.. If u can explain ur good-bye nothing better than that…Walk away.. Move on.. coz u have all d ryts.. But leave an explanation and pacify a heart, a mind and a soul and then leap forward..!! 

For Once, I disagree with Shakespeare as he said “Parting is such a Sweet Sorrow…!!”… No its not… Especially when the Good-byes are not explained… It makes a person hollow and traumatized and he/she wastes their lifetime finding all the possible answers..!!

Yaa.. When a relationship requires an approval of 2 people to get built than while breaking and walking why only 1 decides??? And that too he/she thinks that its better for both??? How??? What if the other ones does not need that "better" stuff.. but wants those Best Memroies... Think about it...!! 

Friday, 14 December 2012

December - A Month of _______?

Aha…!! The Month of December is here… The Baby Pink Chilly Weather is in…. And the fog, as my other article says its calm n serene, has begun to make it presence felt every morning…!!

I was just sitting on the swing.. watching things around me on today’s early foggy morning… And I just thought … What does Month of December mean to all of us???

My Mom said- “Working Out in Chilled Weather”….
My Dad said-“ The falling of leaves n the great autumnal colours”…
My Diaper Friend Aashaka said – “Parties” *wink-wink*…..
Few kids in my Society said – “Santa Claus”…
1 of My Students said – “Marriages”…
Other said – “Birthdays”…
My Mentor said – “Wishes”…..!!

There are soooo many diverse perceptions about this one month I wonder… aah! - “DECEMBER”  

A month where the days are Short n Sunny.. and Nights r Long n Loveable….

A month that means a lot more than Parties, Boozing, Dancing, Working Out, Autumn, Santa Claus, Marriages, Birthdays, Celebrations and Wishes…!!

This is a month of Learning, of Love, of Leaping Forward, of Joy, Of Loneliness, Of Commitment..  A month that exhibits ‘n’ number of Emotions…

It’s a month to Learn .. That as the year is ending.. our worries, tensions, grudges, and tears should end their itself and we must start afresh in the new year..with new commitments…to our ownselves first… Just Lyk The Trees that Shed their Leaves in this Season… Same way we must also Shed all our Negative thoughts here itself…

It’s a month of Love… Who doesn’t like cuddling up with ur loved ones on the winter mornings/night.. May it be ur husband, wife, boyfriend, girl friend, friends, parents, kids, students, etc… A cuddly teddy bear hug in the chilling weather gives warmth n affection that has no match with any another emotion…

It’s a month of Leaping Forward… Complete ur old ventures loyally.. and Start New Ventures with More Zest n Zeal.. and promise urself.. and make a Resolution.. U will believe in Urself..

It’s a month of Joy.. The lil joy that u see on the face of innocent kids…when they put in their heart and soul to best decorate their Christmas tree… So that the Santa grants them their wishes… The innocent smiles they have on their faces.. and the way they get excited on getting their wishes fulfilled.. Nothing matches the child’s innocent happiness that he/she gets from such small small things…Not only kids.. Even the adults too believe in this Imaginary Friend of theirs..

It’s a month of Loneliness…  The tears that soak the fluffy pillow… coz the pillow besides it is vacant … on this cuddly nites…  Nothing worse than that… If u want u can try, Winter evenings n Nites will be the most loneliest if u have lost ur loved ones…  U ofcourse miss them time to time.. But still winter evenings n nites the amplitude of missing ur loved ones will reach heights..!! *mark it*

It’s a month of Commitment – Remember how the kiddos write letter to Santa Claus, with address of North Pole, explaining Santa that how good they had been all through the year and commit that they will be the same next year too…So that Santa grants them whateva they have written in their wishlist…!! Let the kids be.. even we-adults do make commitments and resolutions by the end of this month.. and start planning about it..!!

It’s a month where holding hands, watching clear star studded night means a lot..

It’s a month where long morning walks in the cool sweat-shirts means a lot…

It’s a month where the person who plays the role of Santa at malls n streets  earns his bread n butter … Dances to random tunes.. hiding his tears… so that the kids n adults stay happy.. No matter how cold the weather is… He greets everyone with his warm hugs n brings smiles… *HO-HO-HO*

It’s a month..where people just commit to each other so that they can get to attend Dance Party, the passes of which Strictly say – “only Couples allowed”

It’s a month where even if u sleep for 5 mins after dismissing the alarm in the mobile.. it turns outta be an hour magically…

It's a month of holidays for few..who r lucky enough to get Christmas Vacation...!! (*m not..and even if i got I prefer to work...*)

It’s a month of snow clad mountains, candles, stars, candies, ribbons, stockings, and beautiful colors of reds, greens and whites… Not to forget autumnal colours too…. The maple tree leaves…aah…!! (*not at all thinking of srk playing violin amidst of it*… LOL)

It’s a month where u get best fruits n veggies in ur diet…

It’s a month of angels, fairies, snowman,  santa… all of them come down together…  to fulfill our wishes.. in their own ways…

That reminds me…Let the kids be.. But to all the adults…  

Did you prepare your wish-list?? Do you expect gifts in ur stockings??? Are you going to where Red And/Or White on that Day?? Are you going to be Excited n Happy??? Or it wud be just lyk any other day?? If not … Lets do it this year…!!

We can not explain Santa that we were good kids this year and will be same next year..But we can surely promise ourselves that we will believe in ourselves, bring smiles,luv n cares to our loved ones .. and stay positive…!! 

We do not Expect gifts from Santa in our Stockings.. But how about gifting a small thing to a Friend, Parents, A Mentor or  a Kid.. Or may be the Santa at the Mall itself..??? How about bringing happiness on their faces???...  They say time n smiles are the best gifts u can give some1… So go… Give time to ur loved ones and bring smiles to them and to urself as well..

Stay Happy n Keep Smiling…!! Yaaa.. it’s a Month of Smiles n Togetherness too… 

Growing old is natural.. But Growing Up is a Choice…And so is losing Innocence…  Stay Innocent for a Day.. Neva let the Child inside U die --on this particular day atleast….!! .. It’s a Month U can Relive ur Childhood Again.. Go for it..!!

Go.. Grab a Pencil.. Paper.. and Jot Down ur Wish List with Ur Cuppa Coffee in this Month of Wishes….!! 

Me all ready to Prepare Mine.. With the Cup of Orange Hazelnut Coffee…  *best thing ever*... Lets Celebrate this Month of Wishes, Smiles n Togetherness - Welcome December with Open Arms...!

P.S. - May I know any1 of the wishes on ur Secret Wish List??? (if its not that secret…)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


P.S. - After back to back "SENTIMENTAL" articles... Time for Some Light-Hearted Talk...That Can Bring a Smile... !! 

These Days It Seems a Trend to Tag Someone Instantly Like.....:

If I Speak Too Much, I am 'Chatter-box'

If I Don't Speak, I am an 'Introvert'
If I Cry, I am 'Melodramatic'
If I Laugh, I am a 'Clown'
If I Eat, I am a 'Foodie'
If I Don't, I am 'On Diet'
If I Appreciate, I am 'Flirt'
If I Don't, I am a 'Critic'
If I Stand for Truth, I am 'Rebellious'
If I Don't, I am a 'Loser'
If I Read, I am a 'Nerd'
If I Don't, I am 'Time-waster'
If I Go out with Friends, I am 'Outgoing'
If I Stay at Home, I am 'Frog in the Well'
If I Love Someone, They Take it as 'Buttering'
If I Get Mad, They Take it as 'Attitude'
If I Do Make-Up, I am 'Glamorous'
If I Don't, I am 'Bhenji-Types'
If I Party, I am 'Party-Animal'
If I Be by myself, I am 'Anti-Social'

And the List Goes On....!! No matter what u do... People are always gonna 'Tag' U for whateva u Speak and Whateva u do... 

So Don't get Upset.. Just Chill.. Take Deep Breathe.. and Be Urself....

Do what u Like.. Live how u want... Don't be Victim of others' Opinions... Be Ur Own Judge...!!

Take Every Single Comment Lightly... When Life Gives U Hundreds of Reasons to Cry..Show Life that  U have Millions of Reasons to Smile.... 

Smile.. Coz Life is Beautiful...  And be Happy that People 'Tag' u coz U r worth-something  

Life is Easier when Everything is Taken as a Humour...!! Go for it.. Be confident... Hold ur Head High..!! and Just Live as Per Ur Rules... and Conquer the World...!! 

Grab a Cuppa Coffee.. And Dance to ur Own Tunes... Sing ur Own Song.. Paint ur Own Picture.. Love Urself for What U are.. Celebrate Urself for Being 'U'....!! 

P.S. - Yes.. U can Shrug ur Shoulders n Say... "Mein Apni Favourite Hoon...!! Koi Doubt Mat Rakhiyo....!! "... LOL

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

From a Tiny Daughter to a Mother.. Create Life Within Life

P.S. – "This letter is from every ‘Girl Child’ who has been abandoned  when she’s just born or left on roads by a Mother.. Just coz she’s a ‘GIRL’... Mother in specific.. coz she herself is a ‘female’ and is considered to be a Symbol of Emotions.. and is not expected to do so...!!"

 Dear Maa,

Maa…  A word when a ‘toddler’ speaks for the first time.. a mother’s cheeks turns crimson and her eyes glisten with all the love and pleasure..!!

When I first stepped into this beautiful world (thought at that time) I saw you crying…  Ur lips were smiling.. Ur hands were caressing my body but Ur eyes were full of tears…. Seeing you cried, I also cried… coz I felt my First cry may be was blatant to your ears..  But then I marked with my tiny black sparkling eyes, that behind your tears, there was a weak smile curled at the corner of your lips widening from one ear to another….

I loved you so much at that time.. U were my love at first sight…  May be you loved me too and May be I had chance to Live with you for whole of my Life..!! But I didn’t know that all these manifestation of emotions was aberrant and short-lived.

You wrapped me in a blanket that was so soft, smooth and comfy. You cuddled me and instantly I felt so warm and cozy when you held me in your arms close to your chest hearing all your heart beats to which my pulse was dancing.. And I was sooo very much in love with U coz u took such wonderful care of me and u became my love at first sight.. coz its u who I saw the first time…

And then… All of a sudden, the flow of emotions changed…. U were rushing me to some place walking really briskly… Ur breathe heavy and Ur Heart Pounding Rapidly.. My tiny body somehow felt heavy for your eyes… You wrapped me so tight in blanket, unaware I was suffocating inside..  as if I had to be hidden quickly before any one saw me.. In your eyes, I was as if the yield of the sin that you had committed… You also claimed that the society didn’t accept females those days..  and that’s the reason I should not be with you….

I wanted to hug U and tell U that – “No, I wanna be with U”.. But how could I??.. I was just born naa.. I thought for once u would understand my unexpressed emotions… But u failed.. Admist the pain, I saw you rushing as if time had given you some deadline.. The sky was so dark and the water was pouring so heavily .. Was unable to understand at that time… It was heavily raining and it was a Dark Night…!!

You urself were not much well to balance urself but still you took me to a strange unknown place…   And I was all of a sudden happy that it was the longest ride in my life… A long-drive or A long walk I can say… A Walk To Remember.. in which only u were walking ….rather running … as if participated in a Marathon..! Hence, the Longest Ride of My life (till then) just ended….

Yes..!! It indeed was the longest day in my life which happened to be on the day I was born…!!

When we reached that place.. U placed me on a bench by the roadside … and just walked away… without any explanation and without any good-bye…  But u were kind enough to find a bench that was sheltered so that I was safe… And U kissed my forehead with your soft pink lips and then I could never see u again.. I wanted to scream out ur name and call you back.. I wanted to stand up and spread my arms and hug u and neva let you go.. But I was just born and that’s where my fate was sealed…!! U didn’t even turn back once .. and my eyes kept looking at you till even your shadow disappeared…

May be it was easy for you to walk away, but it wasn’t easy for me to let you go…!!  I was scared … I thought u would come back in sometime.. at least some time later… I was scared to hell and I was shivering .. But only thing I knew at that time was to cry… I wasn’t much talented at that time naa….

You didn’t come that night.. Infact, nobody came that night… That was my first experience with Pangs of Loneliness…  The nature also as if felt my pain.. The sky started to weep to accompany  me and as if giving me the signal that it was there for me…!! If I knew this was the ending, I would neva had hoped for beginning…!!

Since I was tiny… The sound of rain overcame my voice…. My tears were sinking behind the heavy down pour… I cried and cried and cried…

And then I smiled.. A day had just dawned in..and some arms held me.. not sure who’s were they…!!

The longest day n night in my life just ended.... And I was then at some safe and sound place...!!

Maa, if u still thinking about me, pls don’t… Don’t punish urself…  I just wanted to tell you that I had forgiven you long ago.. and a Big Thank You for giving me the very first taste of Love.. Giving my first Warmth.. First Kiss.. First Hug….!! Its only coz u gave me the first Taste of Love that today I am able to Spread Love and Spread Smiles Everywhere..!! I have no hard feelings.. no grudges at all.. And that’s the reason I m so loving.. Coz If I neva held grudges for someone who abandoned me when I was right born and stepped into the world.. how can I have grudges for someone else.. Never..

Maa, I don’t know whether I have the rights to call you that or not, At least I would be able to call you ‘Maa’ here... coz although You had thrown me away from your life but remember I AM a part of you, the part of  youthat you can’t just eliminate  away from your life!!

My existence is coz u were there.. I am having this Life coz u brought me to Life…!! I am really grateful to you…!! Movies, Poets and People have always claimed that The First Love is Unforgettable…

Yes maaa.. U r unforgettable.. And my First Love is only U coz U were the First Person I saw when I was born…!! Thank you for giving me Life…

Your flesh and Blood,
- Ur Tiny Soul…

P.S.-" Its really Unfortunate that even today people are abandoning an infant just coz it’s a Female… 'Please Create a Life within a Life.. Don’t Banish a Life within a Life on the basis of its Gender… ' Coz this is how every infant feels but its helpless to express… it hurts badly till she lives...However, this blog bears NO resemblance to ME…!!"

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Lets be honest...!! The biggest fear in the world is of death thats what people say... But the second biggest fear according to me is the fear of being forgotten.. Not after the death... But when u r alive right here.. right now..!!

Each one of us is scared of being alienated specially by the people who mean a lot to us... Or may be the people whom we neva wanna forget..!!  The realization that you are being forgotten while u r very much alive is the biggest blow any1 can face...!! 

No... I am not at all Athazagoraphobic... But I am just bringing it to notice the pain each one goes through when they are being forgotten.. May it be of parents when their kids forget them while they are living... Some dumping them into old age homes... Or may be at times of kids when they are left on streets to suffer just coz parents can't afford them... and then they are taken to orphanages and their fates are sealed... May be at times a childhood friend forgetting u in pleasures and remembering u in pains... or may be someone forgetting u coz the crowd around them is so large that they cant notice u.... May be at times a lover forgetting his beloved and the talks they shared.. or may be a husband who forgets what sacrifices his wife has made for him in past years...!! 

Have you ever experienced how it feels to be forgotten??? I m sure each 1 of us has.... at some point of life....

It is just so painful when someone decides to tear ur page off from their book called 'Memory'.. and all you can do is watch them in horror as they crumble your page and throw it over the roof right into the dustbin... You stand their, motionless, wondering what went wrong that it makes so painful for them to even remember U... They make u realize that deleting you from their life is the best thing they can do to themselves.. And it hurts even more when u are left half the way without any explanation??? Or if someone forgets you intentionally?? 

I really dont know which one hurts more... But I know one thing for sure that I do die a little when someone forgets me...I die everytime someone kills me in their memory.... I die everytime people coffin their emotions related to me..!! 

All I can say is don't do so...!! Every person who even spares u 1 minute in their busy schedules are worth a smile and ur time... May it be ur parents, ur kids, ur mentor, ur best friends, any1....  They are people who have loved u unconditionally... and wud do anything to make u smile.... They can go outta their way beyond infinity if they could just see ur 1 smile that arises from heart and travels right to ur lips and reflects in ur eyes.. 

Treasure every loved one... Coz when u r gone... None will remember what wealth u had.. what u spoke.. what u did.. they will just remember how u made them feel.... 

Whenever u decide to give up or forget something or someone ... Please first remember the reason why u held on for so long,... May it be a dream.. May it be a person.. May it be a job.. Anything...!!

Once u r gone foreva, Dates on ur gravestone aren't things that matter in life, but the small dash between them.. that little line is what tells ur life story, no matter how short or long ur lifespan may be... Touch a heart.. Enlighten a soul.. Embrace ur loved ones...  Be with them...

I am doing my bit.. Valuing each person who is close to me.. I hope I dont become a faint memory for any1, unsure of worth and nearing my end.....I hope and I still hope that I'm always missed.. Not only when I am gone.. But more when I am alive..!! 

Here I am with a Warm Cup of Orange Hazelnut Coffee on the Table and Hands on my chin wondering how many people have killed me in their memories....??? And how many people I have killed in my memory so far???? 

All I am asking for is to "Forget-Me-Not"..... Will U do that for Me??????

I wud prefer a Small Petal of Rose, A kind word, A hug and a smile now than a garland of roses, long speeches, and tearful eyes... on my corpse.....!! Make people feel important when they are alive..!! Value them...!! 

P.S. - A "Forget-Me-Not" flower to all my closest ones....!!! And that too my favourite colour... BLUE.... *grin*

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunset- A StressReliever

Sunset - A Stress Reliever and Symbol of Optimism

Here I am … Again with my Fad of relating the Mother Nature with the Human Emotions…!! Here I am with my Hot Cuppa coffee Snuggling between the Palm of My Hands…!!!

I am just looking at the Vermillion Sun and the Scarlet Sky with the Sun setting down…!! I see the birds flapping their wings restlessly trying to get back to their nests before the dusk sets in without any traffic signals or traffic jams blocking their way…!! All they have on their mind is to get back to their loved ones..!! 

The crimson rays chase my face…!! And I see the Sun setting down in its eternal ocean step-by-step…!! And I m humming an old-retro song.. “kahin door jab din dhal jaaye… sham ki dulhan badan churaaye.. chupke se aaye…” (*hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*) 

What do u think the words crimson, scarlet, vermillion and setting sun relate to???... Depression?? Rage?? Anger…???? I have heard n number of homosapiens in my lyf saying that – “One must never watch the setting sun… It brings sorrows, pessimism and depression….” … 

My question is it the nature that brings such emotions with it??? Or is it the man-made myth????... Or Point of View of a Predefined Mindset??? 

For me, Every single thing around us is Positive if u have that view to analyze it… 
For me, the words ‘Crimson’, ‘Scarlet’, ‘Vermillion’ means…. Love, Longing and Loyalty respectively..!! The Heart that is Crimson and is always symbolized for Love.. The Longing in the Scarlet Sky-ed Evening when u wanna just go and drown into ur loved one’s arms… And the Vermillion that is the symbol of Loyalty in Indian Marriages..!! 

A sun when sets neva gives me a feeling of anger or depression..!! 

Infact, The Sun that is setting down is taking away all ur worries and sorrows of the day along with it.. And it’s loyal enough to promise U that it will surely come next day with New Hopes, Dreams and Happiness..!! And it surely does..!! There has neva been a day that it doesn’t turn up…!! Everyday it bags up ur worries n sorrows n tears and dumps it into its eternal ocean when it sets… And the next day again it brings u a wrapped gift of new hopes n happiness n smiles..It just waits for us to unwrap the gift and accept it… 

So a setting sun surely relieves u of all the pains..!! And it remains loyal and visits u next day with all the happiness n smiles… Although it may be cloudy or foggy… But u know it has still come to greet u with a smile…. Just wait for the fog and the cloud to disperse away …. And keep the faith in ur heart and optimism in ur View… 

Nowonwards, Always Watch the Setting Sun with a Positive Vision and bid it a good-bye with a Smile on Ur Face and a Cuppa Coffee in Ur Hand coz after all its taking away with it – Ur sorrows n tears n worries of the day to dump it far away..!! It proves itself to be the biggest Stress-Buster..!! 

Anyways.. I hv already bade it.. And now I too m longing to go n drown into my beloved’s arms and that’s my BED…!!! Bye for now..!!

P.S. - A Setting Sun is the Best Time for Lovers to Meet... It is the Best to Go for a drive.. To Go for a Coffee... To Return Back Home to Ur Loved Ones.. How can it be depressive..?? :P

Friday, 9 November 2012

Single N Happy...!!

People often mythify that Being Single is really tough and depressing while all your friends around you are coupling up. That single girls feel insecured about their friends getting hitched. Its all a hogwash according to me…!! Its not that single girls are insecured or something… Its that they are having discomfort of societal and familial pressure to get married… Howeva, people don’t realize that succumbing to these pressures might force you to compromise for ur entire life..!!

Its like when u r Single, Every elder becomes “Agony Aunt” types … As if saying “Let us handle your Life honey… You just have to pick up your wedding gown.. Everything else assured..!!”… Ohhhhh pleasssseee…. Gimme a break…!!!
No.. I am not being an Austere or Ascetic … But I just need some time to be by myself.. and will do the needful if I feel lyk… 

Even when you go for a job.. or may be u fill up an form.. there is specially a field given in Bold Letters..which asks for “Marital Status”.. And it has various checkboxes to tick.. Interesting..!!

So, if you've been divorced, you can't check the Single box?  (they very much can)

If you're widowed, hey, thanks for reducing this life tragedy to a check box on a piece of paper!! (it hurts ticking that)

One day, that question will join the ranks of the "not allowed" questions on forms!They really leave off a lot of possibilities, too. 

They should have a check box for:
* Married but planning my escape!

* Single, and happier.

We need a statute of limitations here. I'm sure you can think of some other possibilities!!

5 Reasons again why People mythify that Marriage is Important for Single Girls…

1. Social security – Ohhh plsss..!! These days singles are more secured, strong, bold and have reached on the heights without having “The Man Badge”. (Like Lata Mangeshkar)

2. Companionship – Why?? Can’t Platonic relationships serve that purpose???

3. To have children and experience the Motherhood – Can’t we adopt kids? (like Sushmita Sen did *grin*)

4. For Companionship in Older Age – Why?? R u an astrologer? Do u know whats gonna happen next very second??? What if the guy u marry leaves u in a year or sooner.. Or what if he passes away??.. Doesn’t your hobbies serve the purpose at times of loneliness???

5. Commitment – Gr8! Commitment which is mistaken these days by guys as dependency or possessiveness or interference.. They wanna be committed but at the same time want their independence too… Having flings here and there…

(Chuck it all pls…!!)

I don’t understand why, especially the Indian society doesn’t approve of girls being single and happy??.. Why do Dead get Respect, Widows get Sympathy and Singles get Scorn..?? I mean really.. Its really lame that parents who spared their every second of life after you, took pains and sacrifices and brought u up.. U leave them and take up responsibilities of in-laws… who come from nowhere after 25 years of life… and most of the time who are the main subject of gossip at job places.. Its just so flimflam…!!

I wud rather take care of my own parents who brought me up and took care of me and take care of my mentor who taught me how to live life.. rather than taking responsibility of some unknown who appear after 25 years from nowhere and dominate my life and be the proprietors of it…

I don’t understand why do single girls require that “Man Badge” or that “Mrs. Tag” just to prove their existence in the society.. I m Single and having quite a Chirpy personality… And I know that many are perplexed by the fact that how can I be happy being single..

I repeat I am Not Being Austere or Ascetic .. But I m enjoying my Spinsterlicious Life ..!! And I respect the Singlehood…!! Its not that I neva wanna get married but for now let the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign hang on my doorknob a little longer, yeah a little longer.

And for all mythifying people… Marriage is a lot more than just being “Single, Married, Divorced or Widowed…!”

Cheers to all the single females in the world…(May it be Neva Married, Widowed or Divorced).....!!! U hv proved urself much stronger and better than the rest…!! Maintain that dignity…and Keep rocking..!! 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fog- White n Serene

My Last Blog - I connected Grey with Smoke and Loneliness… This Blog Talks about Fog that is connected with White and Serenity and Calmness and Selective Isolation…!! 

Aah..!! These foggy mornings, I feel nostalgic.  It might sound strange to most of U but Fog always have given me a feeling of warmth and comfort. I feel as if its cuddling me up wrapping me up from head to toe. I always have loved walking in Fog. At that time, all the sounds in the Universe are muted...!

I feel alone for some reason..(*not lonely*).. Just with myself.. And for some reason, I feel more connected to the Universe…. This isolation from the world for sometime is not really a separation. I love to savour this Feeling of Oneness...!

Ohhh Please! Don’t confuse it with Brain Fog .. which doesn’t let you remember anything.. My love for Fog is my selective isolation for sometime to create a shell around me that buffers me from everything that’s unpleasant and not pleasing me...!!

Foggy day has something to do with things being white and blurry that makes you recede back in your thoughts. The mind is a dangerous place to explore on your own. But my purple bed makes it all cozy and comfy for me…!! 

On these foggy mornings, I and my bed seem to be committed in a relationship with one another. We do everything together. I have this romantic craving to curl in it if I am not doing anything. Its not necessary that I sleep but I just lounge, sometimes with a book or with a laptop or with anything I can use as an excuse  just to be with it...!! 

My friends and family always hate this and mistake it to be aloofness of mine. They always have a gnawing urge to go out and socialize while I prefer to stay back in my warm corner. Its not that I am ignoring the world or anyone. But I am watching them fidget and their eyes twitch. They want me to meet the characters that are outside the books in the real world too...

And sometimes I am in such great mood that I myself surrender to them to take me wherever they want and make me do whatever they want. May it be watching movies, hogging at restaurants, strolling at malls… *sigh*!

I love the way the clouds touch the ground, the way the fog caress my plumpy cheeks… I love having a walk in the compound of my house surrounded by plants exhibiting all possible shades of green.. and with the earplugs plugged in and romantic songs on my i-pod list.  The simple romantic thoughtful lyrics and notes flow luxuriously like water – serene and calm.  And my over-thoughtful mind undergoes a fissure between reality and wishful thinking. I want to try to avoid these thoughts coz these thoughts when progress always lead to sarcasm. Anyways, Enough of Love Song Blues..!!

I am personally not troubled in my relations or lack of it as of now – So I take a deep breathe, calm my thoughts and work on things that are more important – Like sketching..eating.. resting… reading…blogging…and of course cuddling up in my bed…!! 

Just like the Fog, that blurs out the vision of the world…. And embraces me so tight that I could see nothing but it.. and nothing beyond it.. Likewise, On few days I love to be by myself and see nothing and no one except myself.. I love to be left alone with my books, music, laptop, My Cuppa Coffee and of course My thoughts..!! (*Rolling Eyes*)

Life is Simple .. just take sometime out for urselves …and enjoy the simplicity in life… May be on Foggy Mornings with a Cup of Coffee…!! 

Happy Foggy and Less-Complicated Winter Mornings…!! 

P.S. – Last Blog was about Grey-Smoke-Loneliness… And this Blog is about Fog-White-Serenity- Isolation… What do U expect Next to Be…???? 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Grey- Color of Smoke and Loneliness


Today  a lil bit of low i feel
And i dont know how to heal..
I usually love the weather which was about to rain
But now the sleepless nites and medicines have fogged my brain
I feel lost and have no direction
For me its Non-Fiction...
Sand seems slipping out my hand
Lost d moment for a band

But then i think to myself at times
And a tear of mine shines like dew sometimes..
May be the Gravity has brought me Down
And may be the Tragedy has made me Clown
Then i Just Lit My First Cigarette,,,,Wanting to Fag...
But then Scared Enough To Sag...
So just keep observing it till it turned into ash
And could feel my frustration gnash...
The curl of the smoke raised slowly...
Grey figures danced and twirled in the fading mist,..
A tear rolled down my cheek slowly
And all I could feel is the pain of the cyst...
Or was I just a victim of Pangs of Loneliness
Or just a sufferer of Sleeplessness

The Fire has now turned into Ashes..
And I stare at it with Moist Dark Eye-lashes
Here I am back..Tossing myself in bed..
Trying to Sleep where the Land of Dreams led
Hoping For a Fresh and Sunny Tomorrow...
With all the Joys and Not at all Sorrow..
On my Purple Bed with the Resolution I lie
That am Neva Gonna Let my Spark Die..!!

P.S. - It bears no resemblance with me i guess...!!

Singing Heart Singing Heart