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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cares or Interference?

Yes… I am writing after ages… I know that… I have been away from my first baby for so long… My blog!

Back to writing here… finally…

Just before few days, this girl Ananya came to know her mumma is unwell. She got extremely worried because her mummaa lives alone. And Ananya works somewhere else in other town.

Various thoughts came to Ananya’s mind – “How will mummaa take care of herself when she herself is unwell? Who will take care? She is as such lethargic to cook and drive… How will she go to doctor if she has to go? How will she cook? Who will cook? Will she eat properly?”

Her mind was fogged with all these thoughts. She could not resist. She decided to visit her mummaa.

Finally after changing various trains, buses and autos she reached her mummaa after 8 hours.

On her way, she called up her mummaa – “Where are you maaa?”

Mummaa – “I am at hospital. And don’t worry. I am fine. Sweety aunty is with me?”

Ananya now got more worried. Why is mummaa at hospital? Is she more ill kya?  I need to see her asap..

She was too exhausted. Wanted to just go and hug her mummaa and drink a full glass of water. No matter what.. juices and cold coffee are good in its way…but water is water… nothing is better than it… She wanted to take care of her... Make sure she’s fine… Nothing else mattered to her…

She just rang the door bell… Mummaa opened the door… and guess what was her reaction…

She frowned and said – “What are you doing her Ananya?”

Ananya tried to hug her but she moved away.

Ananya got worried and said – “But Mummaa.. I wanted to see you since I was worried on listening that u r hospital. I could not resist myself.”

Mummaa got more angry –“Did I die? Why are you here? You should be concentrating on your work. And not run and come every time on every sneeze.  I am fine. You should not have done this.”

Ananya understood that her mummaa cared for her and did not want her to roam here and there. She just wanted Ananya to rest and concentrate on her work. But still, because mummaa got angry, 

Ananya’s eyes were filled with tears.

She said – “Please don’t say like this. I don’t want to see you ill or can not let you fall ill… Please never talk about you dying. Can I cook food for you? And can I take care of you? Can I just stay a day here  and take care of you. Just want to make sure u r fine mummaa…”

Mummaa now screamed – “I want u to go and take care of yourself and concentrate on your work. Please do that if you care for me. And please don’t cook for me. I can do it on my own. I am yet not handicapped and I can take care of myself. I am elder to you and know how to take care of myself.”

Ananya could not understand such harsh words from her mummaa when she was just trying to care for her and wanted to make sure she’s okay.

Ananya insisted – “No. I can’t leave you like this.”

Mummaa now told her – “You please go back to your workplace or else I won’t talk to you. I hate such interference in my life.  It’s suffocating. I can be by myself and take care of myself. I am not a baby. So please leave! You are not a kid who needs mummaa everywhere. You are grown up now so be independent and stop clinging to me.”

Finally Ananya knew that it was wise to move out at that moment.

With moist eyes, she said – “Mummaaa.. I am sorry that I interfered. I just meant to be thoughtful and care for you because I really love you. Please take care of yourself.”

She hugged her mummaa and left…

But that didn’t mean she didn’t care.

Ananya still made sure in her way that her mummaa remains fine and doesn’t have to work a lot.
And mummaa cared in her way because she didn’t want Ananya to run here and there in her own illness. She wanted her to be calm and concentrate in her work.

Care has its own definition.

But I don’t understand why is CARE mistaken as INTERFERENCE  or INTRUSION?

Why is DEDICATION is misinterpreted as -"OBSESSION"?

When we care for others, do we try to do it so dedicatedly that it takes away their space.

Is it correct to Care so much whom you love so much? Or you should not care beyond limitations?

P.S. – As far as I am concerned, I don’t believe that love or care has limitations. It is an non-measureable notion. Its vague measuring it and putting a boundary around it. Its selfless notion. Let it flow free…

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