Teacup Heart U, Me and Coffee Talks...!!: August 2013

Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mystery of Life

Lost in the Thoughts, Deep as Oceans..
Seeking Answer to My Questions..
In search of a Treasury...
Is Life really a Mystery???

Working over Sleepless Nights..
Writing under the Dim Lights..
Waiting for My Frustration to Be Blurted out..
At a Vacant Place, Feel like Crying Aloud..

The Virgin Crisp Paper Hungry for My Words..
The Pencil waiting to be Hugged and Enter the World..
A World of Words... A world of Emotions..
A World of Answers.. A world of Questions..

The Wait shall get over Soon, Once everything is Fine..
Hopefully it shall be so, except that My Life won't be Mine..
Back to the World of Words and Me I get Involved..
And the Mystery of Life remains still Unsolved....!!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Girl at the Window

Here I am standing at my window and looking at the world outside…  Sipping my cuppa Orange Hazelnut coffee by the window and making an abstract contact with the world through  My Window.

 I have always loved sitting by my window, since my childhood..  Although I have always been most of the time indoors, still I always felt connected to the outer world through the thin glass pane of my window. It never makes me feel the Pangs of Loneliness even today….

I have spent endless hours sitting or standing by the window….

Watching the sky putting off its black blazer and putting on its crisp orange clothes which turn yellow with the passing day…

I have been by my window.. just looking at the Vermillion Sun and the Scarlet Sky with the Sun setting down…!! I see the birds flapping their wings restlessly trying to get back to their nests before the dusk sets in without any traffic signals or traffic jams blocking their way…!! All they have on their mind is to get back to their loved ones..!! 

I have been by my window watching the sky turning from vermillion to purple to a black blanket with diamonds studded on it… A complete star studded sky..

I have been looking through my window…. May it be scorching heat of summer.. preventing the bright light to creep in.. Playing with the water droplets on the glass of the window in Monsoon… making various patterns with my fingers… Or may be savoring the White thick Fog in the winter that encapsulates me and detaches me from the world…

I have spent endless hours there thinking, sobbing over a heart break, smiling, reminiscing, reading the book, dreaming about silly things, waiting for a call of a beloved… Talking with friends funniest things over the a call…Listening to my most favourite numbers on Ipod…

A window that accompanies you…. A window that touches you.. A window that offers u a shoulder to lean on it.. A window that’s innocent.. A window that connects u to the outer world.. A window that shows u life when u r low…

A window that’s comfortable … A window that does not suffocate even though the world is on the other side of it.. A window that lets the wind come in and caress ur cheeks and play with ur hair…

A window that carries wind chimes that plays melodious lullabies till u sleep…

A window that shows u people rushing through their lives….  A window that shows the lovers holding their hands… A window showing the couple fighting over a matter.. A window that shows the father tossing his kid in the air and holding it.. A window that shows a mother hugging her kid so tightly that it feels comfortable…

A window that’s speechless and yet a great company.. And I love being the Girl at the Window…. At times praying God to send an Angel to me soon….At times with a desire of breaking the shackles of loneliness and going and connecting with the world…  At times with enjoying the solitude just with the Life through my Window….

P.S. – I am sure each one of us that one window at our home.. through which the disappointments makes the way out and rays hope and faith gets in… I too have that favourite window.. Do u also have?? If not, make one today itself… 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Justice is Blind

The one who was once so Dear... Now seems so Apart..
When they ignore You to the core.. And all You have is a Broken Heart..
You are half-way left Alone.. And forced to make a New Start…
The Faith goes Low... And Dreams Depart..
For the things You never did...  And yet You are Blamed…
No one pays Heed.... And listens to Your Innocent Claim
They're your Dearest ones who turn away...Nothing can ever heal this Pain... 
There’s None to Help and None to Hold..
And the only option You are left with, Is to remain Bold..
You can't get a single shoulder to Cry when You Find...
I for sure started believing, Goddess of Justice is BLIND..
But I believe, Life has hurdles just to see if you are fit…
To make it through, I just say – “I Won’t QUIT…!!”

P.S. - It hurts so badly when you are blamed and left alone for the mistake you have never done.. And specially when left without explanation. Everyone should be given a fair chance to speak and should be explained the reason of leaving...

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