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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Their Just Being there Matters...

Incident 1:

A few days back, I went for a movie. As usual, I was 15 mins early than the show time because I hate missing the trailers of the movies yet to release.

Just before the security person allowed us to enter the movie hall, we all were standing in queue.. In front of me, in the queue, there were 3 friends together, girls. 2 of them seem to be single and 1 of them seemed to be married since she was carrying a cute small baby of may be 1 or 1.5 years old in her arms.

The baby was fair as cotton ball and was dressed in red jumper suit as if he was Santa Claus. He was such a cute little angel. Soon the queue started getting inside, people started squeezing each other to get in as if the movie was on the basis of first comes first.

On seeing this congestion, the baby got uncomfortable and cranky and began to cry. But mother kept shaking him in her arms and kept talking to her friends… Thinking the baby would stop crying.. But it didn’t, it kept crying more and more. Finally, the mother opened her purse, gave the baby a chocolate. And the baby was at ease for a while. I thought – “Wow! The baby got the candy and it stopped crying. Was it that it really wanted? How nice of mother to recognize its needs!” I was amazed.

Later, the movie started and the theater went dark. And again the kid started crying. And again fortunately or unfortunately it happened to sit in the row exactly ahead of mine. The mother made it sit in its separate seat and still it cried more and more.

Finally mother took the kid in her arms and went out of the theater. There, those 2 were alone. The baby who could not even speak, got its mother’s time and attention away from movie and the congested crowd and her friends. The mother pampered the baby’s back and patted his head again and again wiping off its tears.

Ultimately, the baby got what it wanted. It got its mother’s touch. Mother’s attention and care in solitude and it could sleep peacefully. Even without words, it expressed its needs and I was touched.

And not to forget, the chocolate in his hands was still unwrapped because that was not it wanted.

Incident 2:

This girl was in late twenties whom I have known very closely. May be because I was her closest friend.

She was a cancer patient. She was on the second stage of cancer and almost on the verge of proceeding to the third stage.

Doctors counseled her and explained her how much internal radiation therapy was important for her to get well and live life.

Session by session.. doctors after doctors .. all tried to make her agree for the radiation therapy because it was for her own good.. for her own survival.. but she was too scared of the pain…  Already the cancer gave her so much pain that she was not ready to bear the pain of treatment.

It just happened one day. That she just told her mummaa that – “Mummaa.. it’s not that I don’t want to live.. Even I want to live.. because living means being with you..  But I am now too scared of this pain… because day by day its getting worse and deadly… if the treatment is going to be more painful than this pain even.. I might not survive the pain.. so I am scared…”

Mummaa did nothing. She just held her hand in her hers and said – “Do you want me to be with you in ur radiation therapy session? I will be there till u want…all the time during ur therapy session.. “

Don’t know what clicked that girl. For her, her mummaa was her pillar of strength..  Although her mummaa was too busy in her hectic schedule… But still she was ready to give her much time for the treatment for her life.. for her betterment..

The thought itself was enough for the girl. She felt loved. She felt important.. She felt she did hold some meaning somewhere in someone’s life.. and that’s all she had seeked…
Just when she got assured that her mummaa is with her.. she got ready.. she got pacified….Now the physical pain didn’t even matter since the emotional pain was healed..and the fear was overcome.. the fear of being un-loved.. the fear of being not-important..

Now it didn't matter to her whether she will survive the cancer or not.. All she was contented with was she was important at least for someone...that too for the most important person in her life - Her mummaa.. 

*           *           *

Both these incidents speak of only one thing…How important are mothers in our lives.. Just their being there fills up every void and overcomes every obstacle and fear and pain.. Just like the child, when it got to know that his mom was all for himself.. the chocolate didn’t matter… it remained unwrapped.. because it got mom’s love and attention.. and second case.. the girl.. as soon as she got the support of her mummaa.. she became determined to overcome the physical pain.. because she had got mumma with her .. all for herself..  These is what we desire all through the life..being wanted.. being loved.. from may be boyfriends, friends, husbands.. but no love can be as unconditional as that of Mummaa.. We fail to understand that its their laps and their hugs which is true paradise…and its only their touch that heals us.. Value ur mothers… They are irreplaceable…

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Few Lines on Moon

I kept swearing on the moon.. Night by Night..

No matter how hard i tried to keep it aflame... 

I saw it dying one phase at a time every night... 

Finally it sunk.. and the sky pulled over the black blanket.. 

Days passed.. and it again bloomed to a full shining ball from a crescent...

And that is when i felt my all promises are fulfilled... !!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Shooting Star - Make a Wish

Standing every Night near my Bedroom Window..
I look at sky that looks so hollow…
 I see a Shooting Star, I Make a wish..
For people may call it a myth, But for me it’s still a surmise..
I ask for a Smile that’s Lucid..
My Mind to be Placid..
A hand to hold on..
A memory of time foregone..
Nothing that Annoys..
Only the Showers of Joy..
Feeling the chill, I slide my hand inside the glove,
With moist eyelashes, I look above..
A silent tear rolls down my cheek..
My heart becomes meek..
I hug myself with my own arms…
And protect myself like a fay with charms..
For another star shall fall, I keep waiting in the night like a rock..
I will stay like this even if I suffer a hard knock..
Because I have many wishes to make…
Many blessings to seek…
I will wait for other shooting star, to make a wish..
For me it always was, and is still a Surmise…!!

P.S. - My Mentor once taught me December is a month of wishes. So here's a poem on wishes in the same month..Make a Wish on a Shooting Star.. May it be December or Any time of the Year..!! May all ur wishes get fulfilled before the year ends...  Amen..!! She also taught me to Wish it.. Believe it and It shall be so..  So believe in the tiny wishes that Ur heart conceives.. Then U r bound to achieve..!! :)

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