Teacup Heart U, Me and Coffee Talks...!!: March 2014

Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


As Kids, We wore Masks of Plastic
To Party and Be Happy for a While..

As We Grew Up, We wear Masks of Flesh..
To Hide the Pain behind a Beaming Smile..!!

P.S. - My Mentor always teaches me to be happy from within and she does the same too.. We believe that Don't use Smile as a MASK to hide your Pain... Instead Smile From Within.. Happiness Resides within U.. Discover it..!! :) .. Stay Happy from Inside.. Life is all about being Happy...!! :) :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy Women's Day...!!

To accompany all through the Life
She turns out to be loyal and compromising Wife..

When she's a Sister, she is always giving and sharing...
She saves u from ur parent's scolding, and that's her caring.. 

When she's the mother, she becomes the best Friend...
To a kid, she's A Saviour till the End...

Ask her about her worries, and she would just Smile..
With her Damp eyes, she would make Life Worthwhile..

She achieves great Heights, But still she swallows her all Pride..
To make others Happy, she puts her Feelings Aside..

It's shameful when she's bitterly Abused and Used..
It's not just her body.. it's her Soul too being Bruised..

Still she stands up for herself alone and fights for Justice..
Just respect her and be kind to her.. and that should be suffice..

Its now time to Fly and Spread ur beautiful Wings...
The Song that U have in ur Heart, U r free to Sing...

In the world, Dominated by Men...
I am proud to be here, as long as I can be a Woman...!! 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Haiku: Angel

P.S. - For the first time, Trying to write a HAIKU for a beautiful angel I know who helps me keep going.. !! :).. Dedicated to my Mentor... 

A Heart of Love
A Pillar of Strength
Guiding Me to Shore..
Sent By God..
My Guarding Angel that
Always Guides Me Home...!! 

P.S.- I know after my book got published, there are lots of questions like who is my mentor and all...All i can say is An angel sent by God.. All for myself.. who helps me get through life each day and makes me look forward to tomorrow

Singing Heart Singing Heart