Teacup Heart U, Me and Coffee Talks...!!: July 2012

Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Butterfly Kiss of the Raindrops..!!

As it Rains and the Heaven showers its Raindrops.. and while I am Sunk in my Regular Routine Work,.. I soooooo very much feel like Enjoying the Pitter-Patter Outside...!!  The weather's chilling and am feeling sooooo lousy.. However its Impossible to Sleep Again Once U wake up to the Alarm in Ur Mobile..!! ( Even after Snoozing it Thrice...LOL... )

Rains make me Happy and Wistful. I wonder about something. No matter of what Age, but still Each one of US likes reaching out the hand to Touch N Feel the Raindrops..!! It seems as if its Caressing my Roly-Poly Cheeks, and the Cold Breeze Accompanied with it Fondling my Long Straight Hair...!! Although We Can Smell the Beautiful Aroma of the Mother Earth and Visualize the Beauty of Nature and Rain, still There is a different Exuberance in Feeling N Touching d Raindrops...!!! 

This makes me wonder --> How would "Helen Keller" have felt when she touched d Raindrops for the 1st time.. without even visualizing the beauty of it... Anyways...!! Certain things are Better Felt than Viewed...! Thats the reason when we Want to feel something we close our eyes.... !! 

Here I am Sitting on the Bean Bag on the Porch... Listening to Some Melodious Numbers... Headphones in and Ignore the World...!!  Well..Well.. The Number going on in my I-pod is "Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye"... Quite Romantic Naa...!! Reading a Novel - "A feeling Beyond Forever... " and still admiring the Beauty of the Rain and the Surroundings... Looking at the birds and squirrels enjoying the showers....!! Nothing bothers me at the moment ...Everything seems sooooo Pleasant n Perfect...!! Its strange when few ppl say that "They love walking in Rain so no1 can see their tears...".. How can someone be soooo pessimistic in such a heavenly weather...!! (P.S. - I also lyk Rain coz it means my Name too....!! LOL) 

At this time I feel.. Can this beauty be felt in the same way and Can it stir the same emotions if it was a blog or a pic or a poem on Fb or any other social site...??? What say my Ravishing Readers??? 

I certainly Support Open Dialogue and the Freedom of Individual Choices but I also believe that Internet is not the place to Dialogue about the major issues regarding the Most Important People in our lives. When we do this, we miss out on some of the most Elemental Aspects of - Communication and Connection...!!  The Relations just dependent on Internet or Mails or Sms...that can just be Viewed n Not Felt .. become Frigid and Apathetic..

Take more Time to Seek out Face to Face Encounters with Ur Near n Dear Ones. Pick up d Phone N Listen to what others want to say.... Listen to their Meaningful Silence and Understand it too... Make some Eye Contact this Week N Assure that Ur Dear ones are Not Alone....  We could all afford to be a Little More Real with each other. This is hard to do with a computer screen in a way...!!

I myself am feeling an Urge to just contact my Few Forgotten Near n Dear Ones...And All it will Take is a Cup of Steaming Hot Coffee snuggled between the palm of my Hands, its Warmth seeping in, the Cool Breeze caressing my face and a deep breath to begin....!! 

It would be such a Perfect Time to share Feelings. A lot of Feelings and Emotions in our lives take our Breath Away and with it comes a Burst of Loving Comfort. It may Last. It may Not Last. I do not know that. When it rains, it feels like anything may Work or Not Work but should an Opportunity arise I would not want to miss a chance to feel the things I feel right now....!!! 

Get Real... Be Rational.....  Communicate and Connect...!!! 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Express....Before its Too Late..!!

Love and Care... These are those four-letter words that can be the antidotes to almost anything and everything. They can motivate U - To be Healthier, To do Better n Be better. But the opposite is also true.

A Lack of these "Emotions" can explain --> Y Ur Relative is often called a Curmudgeon..?? Y Ur Neighbor is constantly Criticizing U....???? Y Ur Co-Worker is always busy Talking Behind your Back...???

It’s the biggest secret we never talk about. The reason "Why Difficult People are So Difficult is that -- They Only want to be Loved n Cared....!!"  So if Someone is Giving U a Hard Time, or may be Bothering U or Jst being Plain Mean...Consider that it might Just be a Plea for Love n Care...!!

These are the Emotions that are always warmly welcomed with open hands although not reciprocated at times... It can be from Mother to Her child, A Lover to Beloved, A Friend to a Friend, A Granddaughter to a GrandPa, A disciple to a Mentor....Anywhere and for Anyone...! Shower it Unconditionally on Anyone and see the difference...!!! There are No Terms n Conditions Applied to these Antidotes... Be kind..!!

Express Ur Love n Care to the Fullest and that too Ryt Now...coz Whats Today Myt Not B there Tmrw Coz Change is the only Constant thing in Universe... I strongly believe -  "Life is too short to keep the important Words Unsaid.."...!! So Speak it Loud, Express it Loud and Live Life to the Fullest without Hesitations and Limitations..!! 

I too do the same...!!  Strangely... Most of the times I too have been insisted to suppress them... I have also been addressed 'Crazy' by many...'Emotional Fool' by Zillions...and 'Over-Expressive' by the most...!! I have heard My mentor and Few Elders telling me - "Its better to lock up certain Emotions into a trunk and Put it Aside...!!"... I was soooo puzzled on hearing that.... I remained speechless but all I could sense is ... "Emotions in the trunk directly indicates Emotions are Being Coffined....!!" And All i could do is shed tears so that those emotions rest in Peace..!! 

I still feel.. Y do u need to suppress what U feel...??? And for whom??? The World... ??? The Society..?? And what if in the mean process of pleasing the world, the society, the working place,....what if u lose ur loved ones.. ur dear ones .. ur near ones...forever...!! U want to scream and say them u love them... U want to just rush and hug them... U want to pat their back.. U want to yell at them.. U want to hold them and never let them go... U want to jst be beside them when they are weeping.. U wanna reciprocate Every Emotion that they gave u.. Every thing that they gesticulated... U wanna thank them.. Feel sorry for not Reciprocating the same.. But then are they to there to Listen U????? The answer is a - 'BIG NO'.. its already late by then..!!

I feel - " Any1 of us would prefer a Single Rose and a Kind Word Ryt Now than a Truck load of Flowers and Garlands after we are Gone Foreva.."

A dear friend of mine always had clashes with her dad... She always thought her dad is over-protective putting too many restrictions... Always misjudged his care as Interference and at times was harsh to him...But her dad continued to care and love in the same way with every broken piece of his heart...!! Finally  a day when she woke up she found his body numb and still...She lost him forever and then she wanted to scream...say sorry... say thank u... say how much she loved him .. but could she???? No... 

Most of us think... What is d hurry... ??? I will ask her health tmrw.... I will call him up later... I will msg her later.. I will unwrap the gifts later... I will show my emotions later... I will pick up her call later... I will express my love and care later.... leave it to the time.....!!! What if we come to know that, that person is no longer in jst a fraction of second... and u dint ask health... call him up..ans her msg... unwrap gifts and ... show emotions...etc... Do it now Coz Life is Uncertain.. and thats the only Certainty...!

Understand that Time Waits for Nothing So no point Leaving to it..!! The only Time is "NOW" ..!! Express the Emotions to the Fullest with the thought -- "Later is Now"...!! 

Don't Hesitate..!! Neva let go emotions in ur lyf such that in Future, when U r sitting idle with ur Cuppa Coffee... all u have to say is  - "I wish i could... I wish I would have... !"... Fulfill ur Wishes Today...!! Express it today..before its too late...!!

After reading this, many of U might jst want to cry inside, call some1, msg sm1.. express ur emotions... hug them.. love them.. care them...  Jst go do it..!! Express it Ryt Now...!!.. .Even those who gave u hard time ...  And see how their Plea for Love n Care is Fulfilled... and they are back to the Brighter side...! Jst b concerned about whom u love n care for and who love u and care for u... leave d rest aside...!!!

Please Don't Be Stingy Atleast in case of Expressing Ur Emotions..!! U don't know how many are waiting for u.... for how many u may be the world... who all want to be heard by U... pampered by U...  

Life is Too Short to Keep Important Words Unsaid...!! Go n Grab Ur Cuppa Coffee.. Call.. sms... email... write.. walk over to them.. but Express ur Emotions... before its too late...!! Coz Later is Now.. and thats the only chance n time u have....!! 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Swing Brings Zing..!!

Each one of us has some or the other memory associated with the swing..!!
Swing- My Most Favourite Place at Home....!! 
Swing- Symbol which shows Togetherness and Love of Radha-Krishna...!!
Swing- A Game in Childhood, A Friend in Adulthood and A Company in Old Age..!!

As a Kid, We have loved to play on the Swing... No matter How Scary it was...
It gave us the hallucination of Touching the Sky and at times Beyond....
Parents at times swinging us to and fro Just to see a Smile on our face...
And to make us Fearless when Time and Life Swings Us in the Same Way Between Pleasures n Pains...!!

As a Teenager, We have sat with our Friends, Chit-Chatting for Hours... Sharing our Pranks..
At times Studying for the Exams on the same Swing,
Where the Frequency of the Swings was Directly proportional to the Tension of our Exams.. 
Often Going to Sleep in Mother's Lap - The Paradise - On the Same Swing..!! 

As an Adult, We talk for Hours and Sms 1000 texts to our Beloved Ones Sitting on the Swing..
Getting Wet during the Rains on the Swing....Feeling the Love in the Air....Oops! Rains...!! 
Crying Alone in the Nights - Starry or Cloudy - For the Downfalls in Life and Relations...
Sharing the Loneliness and Tears with the Same Swing...!!

In the Late Age, Our Morning would start with the Cuppa Coffee on the same Swing...
The Headlines of the Newspaper will be read on the Same Swing...
The Evenings of Retired Life on d Same Swing Recalling Every Cherishable Memory of Past...
Thinking What We Achieved in Life and How far have we Come....
Regretting and Asking for Forgiveness from God for Any Mistake in the Past... With a Quiet Tear Rolling down the Wrinkled Cheeks..!
Praying God to bless Every Near n Dear one with Happiness n Good Health on the Same Swing....!!

Life May be Too Short but its the 'SAME SWING' that has experienced Every Single Emotion of Us which even our Closest Ones Might Not Know...!! 

Spread Ur Arms, Reach out to Ur Closest Ones...Forget the Grudges if Any, Hug them and Spend The Most Cherishable time with Them on the Swing with Just a CUPPA COFFEE.....!! 

P.S.- This post is for the contest Indiblogeshwaris - "The Tuesday Thingy-Sepia Tones"...!! :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Believe in Urself...!!

There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be.
That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. 

There are times when people disappoint you and let you down. 

But those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself. 

Just Smile and Let them wonder what are you up to..!!☺☺  

There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them.
Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you. It may not be easy at times, but in those times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are.

So when the days come that are filled with frustration and unexpected responsibilities.., 
Remember to believe in yourself and all you want your life to be.
Because the challenges and changes will only help you to find the goals that you know are meant to come true for you.

When you were born, there were already zillions of people in the world.. Then why did God choose U? 
Coz U had the caliber to do what other zillions of people were not able to do...!! 

Struggle till The Last Crystal of Sugar Dissolves in your Cuppa Coffee...!!!

Keep Believing in Yourself...!!! Others will follow thereafter....!!☺☺

Singing Heart Singing Heart