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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bitter Sweet Memories

It was a sunny Monday afternoon. The girl named ‘Simran’ was not feeling much well. She had severe body ache as cancer was advancing further. The cool air coming out of A.C. could not suppress her pain. She felt more and more restless.

However, early morning she had made up her mind- “Today is an auspicious day and I am going to cook a sweet dish for my mom any which way. As such mom seems to low since many days…. So may be my cooking a sweet dish for her may light up her mood… may be it will bring her smile back… I will ignore the pain today and be strong and make her smile bring back… “

She immediately got up and asked her cook – “Maharaj.. Please teach me how to cook Suji ka halwa… Mom loves it and I want to make it..”

Maharaj replied – “Madam. U please don’t make it. I will make it for you. U just serve her…”

Simran- “Now I want to make it with my own hands so that she feels good. I will put my all love and cares in it. It will surely bring her stress level down..”

Maharaj did not argue after that.

After a while, she started coughing badly and she vomited blood. She almost fainted. So her nurse advised her to rest for a while. She immediately went to bed.

But she was too restless to have a sound sleep. She tossed in bed for a while. Then she woke up and called up her cook again and asked the recipe again.

The cook explained her all over again. Then she looked at clock. It was just 3 p.m. – “Mom will come back at 7 p.m. The cook said it takes 30 mins to cook the halwa. So I shall start at 6 p.m. Till then what shall I do?”

She was too excited about it because she had complete faith that she would bring a smile on her mom’s face with a sweet dish full of sweetness and love. And after that, mom would have no stress ever.

She tried to divert her mind and tried to surf the T.V. channels and guess what she was watching. Cookery channels with an expectation that some channel would show how to make halwa.

After a while, again she called up the cook to confirm the recipe of the halwa. The only thing she wanted to see was a beaming smile on her mom’s face.

She started making halwa at 6 p.m. sharp with the cook instructing her online over the phone. She did every step carefully so that she doesn’t make a blunder.

At 7 p.m. the halwa got ready. She served the halwa beautifully and went to her mom to give it to her.

As soon as she entered the room, mom gave a big frown and asked – “U know I am not in right mood. Yes or no? I don’t want to see anybody as of now. Do u get it or not?”

The girl almost got tears in her eyes. With moist eyes and cracked voice, she replied – “But mom I just tried to make your mood by cooking for you.”

The mom got pissed off more and said – “Is there a compulsion that I am supposed to eat these? Is there a compulsion that even in this frame of mind, I have to talk to you and be good to you?”

The girl almost got shaken up but she managed to stay strong. She thought to herself – “I have not done anything. Then why is mom being so harsh to me? Have I done a mistake? But how? I have obeyed every word what she has said. Then why is she so pissed off with me?”

The girl just replied – “But mom why r u being harsh to me? I have not done anything wrong. Have I?”

Mom replied – “If I am harsh to you, just excuse me. And please don’t piss me off more.”

The girl with moist eyes just stood up from her room and started to leave. She touched her feet. But mom didn’t bless her. She hugged her mom to give healing hugs. But the mom stood still, not reciprocating anything.

The girl went away with  eyes filled with tears and heart burnt. She didn’t want to piss off her mom.

That night she cried herself to sleep because she had no one to share her feelings and emotions.

Silently in her prayers, she just prayed – “Dear God. I am tired of cancer and its treatments. And I am as such being a burden on others and bothering them. Why do u force me to be here on earth when I am so unwanted? May be I have hurt mom somewhere that’s why she is so rude to me. But I have not done anything. I swear God. But its not her fault. She herself is not in correct frame of mind. Please give me all her pains but make her stress free so that she becomes cheerful again.”

The next morning the girl was in terrible health and was hospitalized. May be the God answered her prayers.

P.S. – Many a times, we ignore others, hurt others, knowingly or unknowingly just because we are not in correct  frame of mind... not knowing how it would affect them. We don’t even realize what emotional damage we are giving them by being so harsh. We may be in worst of mood but we should not let it affect others especially those who care for us and are ready to bear our all mood swings. And if at all we are upset with opposite person, just admit it or say it once. That would make the relation easier. If you don’t say the reason to other person and keep being rude, the other person gets confused. Neither u r clear that person is at fault or not. Neither that person gets aware of his or her mistake. Better if u say it once what’s bothering you. Atleast, that person would apologize if at fault and would justify if not at fault.  But speak out once. So that things become clear and hearts at peace else there would be unnecessary disturbances in ur and their lives.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mummaaa Or An Angel???

I met her some years back, sometime in middle of the year, where the cheerful September had just begun to enhance its beauty. We had a very good conversation very first time although I was too scared of her. There was some pacifying concern in her voice which was so motherly and so unconditional. I wanted to go on talking to her endlessly.

Days passed on and we became friendlier with each other. She was the best person to share my heart with. 

She made me feel alive when I felt the world is close to end. She made me see how beautiful the simple things in life can really be. Like an angel in my life, she was always there to protect me and surround me with happiness wherever I go.

She knew me in and out. She knew when I was sad and when I was glad. This makes my relation with her so unique because I never felt the words were required to express my pain or grief and still on the other hand I could blabber in front of her insensibly… and she would listen to it patiently with full interest…  Being heard is a gift she gave me most precious in my life.. . She read my mind so well -  A Perfect Angel to fill up the void of a best friend in my life.

We all need one special Angel in our lives who can always stand with us in times of troubles.

This Angel does not have soft feathers which would help me fly above the ground but she definitely makes me feel on cloud nine when I am almost about to jump into valley of depression.

This Angel does not have a magic wand which can change things before I blink my eyes. But she makes my world go around and make it a paradise when I get frustrated like hell.

This Angel does not have magic dust to sprinkle on me to change me.. Just her blessings and teachings are enough to change me..

This Angel is earthly in nature. We argue and do get upset too. Her anger knows no bounds and is uncontrollable. But on the other hand. she has a heart so pure just like that of a little toddler, that’s innocent.. that can be crazy.. that can be stern.. but that’s filled with unconditional love and care.. Her anger is just like a air bubble.. Once it bursts.. it gets evaporated into the air again… and never re-forms for the same reason..  But only few get her this characteristic…

I need this Angel in my life always and I am really happy to have her in my life........She’s a God’s blessing in my life….

Everyone deserves an Angel in Life who makes u Smile when u run out of reasons to Smile…

That’s what Mothers are all About.. Aren’t they…???? Always giving and caring… sacrificing and loving … unconditionally… truly.. madly.. deeply..

Today I just thought of Thanking God – “Dear God.. Thank you for listening to me so keenly… I had just asked for an angel who helps me going and the next day she walked in … “

She is still my Candy Bar Angel.. who gives me sweet Candies of Happiness and Blessings and Cares..when Life hits with me Bitter Taste..

Anyone Can be a Mother .. But it takes a Beautiful Heart and Soul like her to become a Mummmaa like her…

I seriously want to ask God for once - "Is it true that because he can not be everywhere so he created Angels like Mummaa to be around....?"

Feeling Blessed
Love you for being you… 

Singing Heart Singing Heart