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Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Sunday 17 February 2013

Who gave Life to Whom?

P.S. - Dedicated to all the Mothers Who Once Preferred Daughters Over Guys and Specially who "Adopted" Daughters...

Chilly winter breeze and out for a jog
I saw her twirling around in the fog...
A small cute teddy glued by her side
But she seemed sooo lonely from my sight..

I felt to have seen her in my dreams..
And thought of having her at any cost..
Was she just a shadow I was chasing,
Or could she be a lil angel that I've lost..?

While she sat quietly on the bench giving me a pleading stare..
Lost in her own world playing with the bubbles in the air..
Papers signed and she was mine..
I felt the paradise on the earth when our hugs intervined..

People claimed that I gave her a new life...
But they were too blind to see that indeed I owe her my whole life

And now..
I have a house, but she'll make it home..
I have words, but she'll make it a tome
I am wealthy, but she'll make me rich
Just to a smile on my face, she goes an extra inch..

I am a woman and she'll make me mother..
Life will pass in this way, caring for each other..
Our lives were tiny buds, which have now fully bloomed..
Its really tough to say Who has given Life to Whom???????

P.P.S. - Any Answers Anyone??? Who gave life to whom?????


  1. I wud definitely saw ... life was given to each other ...

    Lovely Thought !!!!

    1. True that...!!! Thanks a ton for the compliments Aashaka..<3

  2. Too good... i mean i so badly wanted a girl child:) and m grateful to god that he fullfilled my wish.Its really an awesome feeling to be a mother to a daughter. May be i m a bit biased..And so I really appreciate ur thoughts.Keep it up!

    1. Thank u so much Priyan.. So what do u say? Who gave Life to Whom??... lol.. its really tough to answer that one..!! Blessings to your daughter and Hugs to U..!!

  3. Barkha..I am the most proud mother to have a daughter like u... M moved by ur poem...

    1. Haha ...My Melodramatic Mom.. I love u to the core.. Don't get moved...I want ans.. Who gave life to whom??.. Hehe.. Thank u for the compliments.. *wink-wink*

  4. awesome wali poem
    #and i guess both in a way gave life to
    eachother :-)

    1. THank u anshuma.. ya to an extent.... its always mutual...

  5. Good work :)

    #Rhyming isn't easy at all. You did a great job. Superb.

    1. Thank u so much shobhan.. somehow i dont like poem without rhymes.. so i always right it that way....

  6. The poem is awsum... :) (y) <3
    I think lyf was gven 2 eachother... :) :D


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