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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Sunday 22 December 2013

Few Lines on Moon

I kept swearing on the moon.. Night by Night..

No matter how hard i tried to keep it aflame... 

I saw it dying one phase at a time every night... 

Finally it sunk.. and the sky pulled over the black blanket.. 

Days passed.. and it again bloomed to a full shining ball from a crescent...

And that is when i felt my all promises are fulfilled... !!


  1. Maybe I should look at the moon the way you do. Love the happy ending! :-)

    1. Thanks Irene.. Yup u must look at the moon like I do.. after a new moon .. there is always a full moon.. although not sooner but after 15 days eventually.. but it does come to remove the darkness and spread its light.. :) same is with life.. Keep Smiling... :)

  2. Short and sweet li'l poem! :D
    Loved it :)

  3. As beautiful Poem as The Moon..
    Luvd it... <3 <3 ♥☆:D :*

    1. I am sure..u would love it Tanya. Now next time roza k time issi moon ko dekh ke todna.. lol.. :D...


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