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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday 11 March 2014


As Kids, We wore Masks of Plastic
To Party and Be Happy for a While..

As We Grew Up, We wear Masks of Flesh..
To Hide the Pain behind a Beaming Smile..!!

P.S. - My Mentor always teaches me to be happy from within and she does the same too.. We believe that Don't use Smile as a MASK to hide your Pain... Instead Smile From Within.. Happiness Resides within U.. Discover it..!! :) .. Stay Happy from Inside.. Life is all about being Happy...!! :) :)


  1. Beautiful lines... and yes! I agree with your mentor!! :)

    1. Thanks Namrata.. Am glad u liked it.. U r one author whom I admire... and u agree with mentor so I luv u for it.. <3

  2. Sad but true! We cannot cry in front of all. As a result, we have to hide. Some are good at this. Some are very poor at this. A friend of mine once posted on Facebook that being emotional is good. I disagreed at that time, and I still do. If you are good at wearing the mask of smile, you are the master of your own.

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    1. Yup.. its deep indeed aashu... no place for shallow thoughts.. ;-)

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    1. Yup Sobhan.. sad but true..!! am glad u liked it... thanks

  5. Thanks Harshita.. Again a Beautiful author.. much luv to u.. <3


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