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Monday 27 July 2015

Tring Tring

“Tring Tring” the phone rang.
The old man got up from his bed and answered the phone –“Hello!” He said in a cracking voice.
The disappointment on his face was poignant. He hung up the phone saying-“Sorry! Wrong Number!”
He walked back to the bed with baby steps and tears in his eyes.
He lied on the bed and chose to sleep - a sleep that was eternal and that liberated his soul.
Just then the phone rang again.
The servant picked up and the voice on the other side said- “Hello!”
It was the old man’s son after 40 long years.

P.S.: Please express your emotions while your loved ones are alive. If not, don’t regret, cry or carry bouquets to their funerals because your smile, your touch or even a petal of flower would matter a lot while they are alive.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you mauli,, am glad it touched u :)

  2. Crisp and thoughful ... Would like to read more like these... :)

    1. Thank you anmol.. will for sure try and write more of it..

  3. sensitive and emotional....EXPRESS urself be4 its too late...!!! its always better to realize now than never !

    1. Aashu.... yes express... before it too late.. that's what i mean

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