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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Monday 16 July 2012

Express....Before its Too Late..!!

Love and Care... These are those four-letter words that can be the antidotes to almost anything and everything. They can motivate U - To be Healthier, To do Better n Be better. But the opposite is also true.

A Lack of these "Emotions" can explain --> Y Ur Relative is often called a Curmudgeon..?? Y Ur Neighbor is constantly Criticizing U....???? Y Ur Co-Worker is always busy Talking Behind your Back...???

It’s the biggest secret we never talk about. The reason "Why Difficult People are So Difficult is that -- They Only want to be Loved n Cared....!!"  So if Someone is Giving U a Hard Time, or may be Bothering U or Jst being Plain Mean...Consider that it might Just be a Plea for Love n Care...!!

These are the Emotions that are always warmly welcomed with open hands although not reciprocated at times... It can be from Mother to Her child, A Lover to Beloved, A Friend to a Friend, A Granddaughter to a GrandPa, A disciple to a Mentor....Anywhere and for Anyone...! Shower it Unconditionally on Anyone and see the difference...!!! There are No Terms n Conditions Applied to these Antidotes... Be kind..!!

Express Ur Love n Care to the Fullest and that too Ryt Now...coz Whats Today Myt Not B there Tmrw Coz Change is the only Constant thing in Universe... I strongly believe -  "Life is too short to keep the important Words Unsaid.."...!! So Speak it Loud, Express it Loud and Live Life to the Fullest without Hesitations and Limitations..!! 

I too do the same...!!  Strangely... Most of the times I too have been insisted to suppress them... I have also been addressed 'Crazy' by many...'Emotional Fool' by Zillions...and 'Over-Expressive' by the most...!! I have heard My mentor and Few Elders telling me - "Its better to lock up certain Emotions into a trunk and Put it Aside...!!"... I was soooo puzzled on hearing that.... I remained speechless but all I could sense is ... "Emotions in the trunk directly indicates Emotions are Being Coffined....!!" And All i could do is shed tears so that those emotions rest in Peace..!! 

I still feel.. Y do u need to suppress what U feel...??? And for whom??? The World... ??? The Society..?? And what if in the mean process of pleasing the world, the society, the working place,....what if u lose ur loved ones.. ur dear ones .. ur near ones...forever...!! U want to scream and say them u love them... U want to just rush and hug them... U want to pat their back.. U want to yell at them.. U want to hold them and never let them go... U want to jst be beside them when they are weeping.. U wanna reciprocate Every Emotion that they gave u.. Every thing that they gesticulated... U wanna thank them.. Feel sorry for not Reciprocating the same.. But then are they to there to Listen U????? The answer is a - 'BIG NO'.. its already late by then..!!

I feel - " Any1 of us would prefer a Single Rose and a Kind Word Ryt Now than a Truck load of Flowers and Garlands after we are Gone Foreva.."

A dear friend of mine always had clashes with her dad... She always thought her dad is over-protective putting too many restrictions... Always misjudged his care as Interference and at times was harsh to him...But her dad continued to care and love in the same way with every broken piece of his heart...!! Finally  a day when she woke up she found his body numb and still...She lost him forever and then she wanted to scream...say sorry... say thank u... say how much she loved him .. but could she???? No... 

Most of us think... What is d hurry... ??? I will ask her health tmrw.... I will call him up later... I will msg her later.. I will unwrap the gifts later... I will show my emotions later... I will pick up her call later... I will express my love and care later.... leave it to the time.....!!! What if we come to know that, that person is no longer in jst a fraction of second... and u dint ask health... call him up..ans her msg... unwrap gifts and ... show emotions...etc... Do it now Coz Life is Uncertain.. and thats the only Certainty...!

Understand that Time Waits for Nothing So no point Leaving to it..!! The only Time is "NOW" ..!! Express the Emotions to the Fullest with the thought -- "Later is Now"...!! 

Don't Hesitate..!! Neva let go emotions in ur lyf such that in Future, when U r sitting idle with ur Cuppa Coffee... all u have to say is  - "I wish i could... I wish I would have... !"... Fulfill ur Wishes Today...!! Express it today..before its too late...!!

After reading this, many of U might jst want to cry inside, call some1, msg sm1.. express ur emotions... hug them.. love them.. care them...  Jst go do it..!! Express it Ryt Now...!!.. .Even those who gave u hard time ...  And see how their Plea for Love n Care is Fulfilled... and they are back to the Brighter side...! Jst b concerned about whom u love n care for and who love u and care for u... leave d rest aside...!!!

Please Don't Be Stingy Atleast in case of Expressing Ur Emotions..!! U don't know how many are waiting for u.... for how many u may be the world... who all want to be heard by U... pampered by U...  

Life is Too Short to Keep Important Words Unsaid...!! Go n Grab Ur Cuppa Coffee.. Call.. sms... email... write.. walk over to them.. but Express ur Emotions... before its too late...!! Coz Later is Now.. and thats the only chance n time u have....!! 


  1. lots of emotions n sentiments.... got me a BIG SMILE.... u kno it y !!! :) :)

    1. M really happy if that made a Difference in Ur life and Thinking...!!! Enjoy..!! :) and Keep Loving ..!! And m Happy d way U Expressed Ur Love to Ur Parents n Bro Socially...!! Express without Hesitations and Limitations..!!

  2. I am soooo HAPPY that everyone around me understands I am not that TYPICAL INDIAN GIRL ..... I am sooo RELIEVED that my PARENTS & FAMILY neva xpect me to BE SO... THANK YOU GOD!

  3. Never Loose Ur Individuality.. Ur close ones dont mind it... and the far ones dont matter...!!

  4. Nice words... But i still say its gud to Express but not Everytime...!!


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