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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Friday 13 July 2012

Swing Brings Zing..!!

Each one of us has some or the other memory associated with the swing..!!
Swing- My Most Favourite Place at Home....!! 
Swing- Symbol which shows Togetherness and Love of Radha-Krishna...!!
Swing- A Game in Childhood, A Friend in Adulthood and A Company in Old Age..!!

As a Kid, We have loved to play on the Swing... No matter How Scary it was...
It gave us the hallucination of Touching the Sky and at times Beyond....
Parents at times swinging us to and fro Just to see a Smile on our face...
And to make us Fearless when Time and Life Swings Us in the Same Way Between Pleasures n Pains...!!

As a Teenager, We have sat with our Friends, Chit-Chatting for Hours... Sharing our Pranks..
At times Studying for the Exams on the same Swing,
Where the Frequency of the Swings was Directly proportional to the Tension of our Exams.. 
Often Going to Sleep in Mother's Lap - The Paradise - On the Same Swing..!! 

As an Adult, We talk for Hours and Sms 1000 texts to our Beloved Ones Sitting on the Swing..
Getting Wet during the Rains on the Swing....Feeling the Love in the Air....Oops! Rains...!! 
Crying Alone in the Nights - Starry or Cloudy - For the Downfalls in Life and Relations...
Sharing the Loneliness and Tears with the Same Swing...!!

In the Late Age, Our Morning would start with the Cuppa Coffee on the same Swing...
The Headlines of the Newspaper will be read on the Same Swing...
The Evenings of Retired Life on d Same Swing Recalling Every Cherishable Memory of Past...
Thinking What We Achieved in Life and How far have we Come....
Regretting and Asking for Forgiveness from God for Any Mistake in the Past... With a Quiet Tear Rolling down the Wrinkled Cheeks..!
Praying God to bless Every Near n Dear one with Happiness n Good Health on the Same Swing....!!

Life May be Too Short but its the 'SAME SWING' that has experienced Every Single Emotion of Us which even our Closest Ones Might Not Know...!! 

Spread Ur Arms, Reach out to Ur Closest Ones...Forget the Grudges if Any, Hug them and Spend The Most Cherishable time with Them on the Swing with Just a CUPPA COFFEE.....!! 

P.S.- This post is for the contest Indiblogeshwaris - "The Tuesday Thingy-Sepia Tones"...!! :)


  1. I remember an epilogue from the song of a movie Taare Zamee par which depicts the relation of mother, child and a swing....:
    Jab Bhi Kabhi Papa Mujhe
    Jo Zor Se Jhoola Jhulate Hain Maa
    Meri Nazar Dhoondhe Tujhe
    Sochu Yahi Tu Aa Ke Thaamegi Maa

    1. Rishad... Those lines of the Song has always been my favourite one...!! Hope this blog stirred some emotions in ur soul..!!

  2. I totally agree with the article!!! A writer is there in u as well!! ;)!!

    It's just not the swings but also every heartbeat and atoms of world around has seen and felt what we are upto nd what we have been into ... So rather than complaining and regretting what we don't have or has lost we shall just be thankful that we can smile and share with heart open and smile towards!!!

    1. Angel Winget.... My lil and the youngest author.. U read my mind...!!! Dats what i want.. Spread Love n Smiles across

  3. well well..... i love de swings @ my home tooo !!! the best place... be it coffee or some alcohol... its company when required n it jus leaves u alone when required too! the best is we too have shared some unforgetful memories on the swing!!! i hope i ve many more memories to cherish on de same swing as the years pass!!!! lovely thought barkha ... calls for a coffee soon since its monsoon already!

    1. Aashu... Thanks...!! Yup we gonna make many more cherishable memories.. catch up with u on coffee soon...!!!As such Rains + Coffee + Craziest talks is my most favourite combination...!!

    2. Yup of Course...!! :D :D

  4. With Every Rise and Fall...
    ...I feel the world slip away and a sense of being a child again sweep over me.


    1. Omg..!!! This is really a "Senti" Comment...!!! .... Never kill the child inside U.... Growing Old is Natural but Growing Up is Optional...!! Have a gr8 day..!!

  5. Thats my favourite place too...!! And i guess of the most of the family members...!! Enjoy...!

  6. This particular one holds a lot of memories!

    1. hehehehhehe... yup ...!! a lots n lots...!! and i wish we wud create few more memories sooooon once u r here...!!

  7. I remember something when I read this .......

    "A swing needs to be pulled backwards for gaining strength.
    Likewise, if life throws hardships at you, its trying to help you move on..."

  8. When I read this, I got reminded of a particular swing that I used to use while staying in the college hostel. That is where I used to do all my thinking amidst all the peace and quiet of an empty park late in the evenings. Loved the picture. I want one like this at home too. :)

    1. I won't give u mine.. LOL.. haahahaha. Swings always bring Zing to Life.. Thank u so much jyothi for such a wonderful comment.. :D.. am glad it made u nostalgic

  9. Awww such a sweet post Barkha!!Brought back memories :)

    1. Thank u <3.. am glad it touched u and made u nostalgic..


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