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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Live to the Fullest, Jst Dont Exist...!!

Oscar Wilde said - "To Live is the Rarest thing in the World, Most people Exist, That is All...!!" 
Now a days people eke out a living, improve their living conditions or keep their high standard of living,  but They Forget to Live...! Infact, People don't Live, but They Survive Each day, for they are too Busy, too Tired, too Stressed and too Worried to really enjoy the pleasures of life. 

Here are the 15 ways To Live and Not Just Exist...:-

1. Appreciate the People & Things in Your Life: 
Appreciate the People in Ur Life Now. You have No Way of Knowing How Long They'll be there. Show Ur Love Now before Someone has been taken away Tomorrow. Cherish those who Love U and Appreciate them today. Appreciate Small Things n Gestures in Life.. It may be a Hug.. It may be a Helping Hand.. It may be a Good Morning Wish.. It may be a Smile...These are small things that can give Big Joys...!! 

2. Ignore other People's Negativity:
Never debate with Negative People. Be Empathetic. Help them to Address their Emotions, the Solutions will automatically will come to them. Converse only on light topics like New movies, Daily occurrences, Common friends, Jokes, etc. that can lighten their mood. Praise the person for Positive things. If possible, reduce the contact gradually. 

3. Forgive those who Hurt U:
Forgiveness is the attribute of Strong People. Weak can just take revenge. Always Remember Forgiveness Warms the Heart and Cools the Sting thereby Maintains the Thermal Equilibrium of our Emotions. Forgive those who Hurt U but Never Forget what it Taught U...!!

4. Never Lose Ur Individuality:
Never Lose Ur Individuality or Identity. Once u Lose that, U just become one more face in the Crowd. Those who Love u will never ask u to give up Ur individuality. They will Love U for what u are, what u were and what U are yet to be.. Those who Mind Ur Individuality Don't Matter and those who Matter just Don't Mind..!!

5. Listen to Ur Inner Voice:
Listen to Ur Inner Voice. Trust Ur Instincts n Intuitions. Don't blindfoldly trust what others say. Take some time out before U go to bed and talk with yourself. Jot down Ur thoughts. Go through it once in a while. U will get all the answers by yourself. Believe in Urself. 

6. Embrace Change and Enjoy Ur Life as it Unfolds:
Don't be Resistant to Changes. Infact embrace it with Open Arms. Let the Life Unfold itself. U never know Life has its own Surprises. Some may be Pleasant, and Few may be Unpleasant. But then every cloud has a silver lining. Think Positive about the changes. Don't stagnate urself. Keep moving. Always remember that it is Darkest just right before the Dawn...!! 

7. Choose Ur Relationships Wisely:
A man is known by the company he keeps. So choose ur relationships wisely. Be only with those who give u reasons to Smile and not those who try to Bring u Down. Relationships play the most important role in helping you Live the Life. Be with People who know Ur Worth. U don't need the whole team to be Happy coz of U.. U just need a handful of them who appreciate for who U are..  

8. Recognize those who Love U:
Its so said that - "Its Not ur fault if U cant judge the Eyes that Ditch You.. But its Definitely Ur Fault if U can't judge the Eyes that Love U." Those who love you will never leave u for ur Mistakes, when u r Broken or when u Lie or when u r Ugly. Infact they are the ones who Accept ur Mistakes, Give U Moral Support when u r Broken, Accept ur Excuses and who knows ur Inner Beauty. They are the ones who will show U why life  is Beautiful and y is it mandatory to Live it..!! Those who love u will love u unconditionally.. without  any expectations in return...!! Identify them and Cherish them....!! 

9. Love Urself:
If U want to actually Live n Not just Exist.. This is the main key.. Love Urself... Hug Urself every morning when u wake up.. and say - "I Love myself for Being me"...!! Always remember... Only if U Love Urself, only then  U can expect Someone Else to Love U...!! 

10. Do things Ur Future Self will Thank U For:
Do something Now that will make U Proud of Ur Ownself in Ur Later years. Do something that gives u contentment permanently. Touch a life. Enlighten a Soul. Enrich with your Love n Care. 

11. Be Thankful for all the Troubles U Don't  Have:
I have seen many of us cribbing for very small things. Like My mom didnt cook my favourite dish well.. My mentor didn't answer my call back. My dad dint lend me the car today to drive. At the same times, what about those who don't have food to eat. Those who have celebrities as their role models and cant meet them for lifetime. Because this one is accessible it doesnt mean they have to reciprocate every single thing. What about those who walk on foot daily to save their expenses. Be grateful for whatever u have got. God knows and gifts U whateva u Deserve and Not what u Desire. And the only Key to it is Don't Expect... Let every little thing be surprise and see how it makes u Happy.  Be unconditional. 

12. Leave Enough Time for Fun:
Do things that make u happy and in which u experience fun. Like I love to care and love n surprise my nearest n dearest ones... I love music.. I love being on Swing.... I love talks over Coffee... Anything...!! Do what gives u pleasure and u will actually enjoy living ur life every moment... 

13. Enjoy the Little Things in Life:
Enjoy and Appreciate Little things in Life.. We wish to earn loads of money but we have the best of times only when we just discover just 10 bucks in pocket surprisingly... We wish to wear high brands but we feel most comfortable in track pants and night suits...We wish to Sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people but the fun is in having Pani-Puri at a roadside Lorry with closest friends...Sometimes A Small walk to Remember with Dear ones is much better than Long Drives.... Sometimes sitting with someone and having no conversation is much better than having 2 hours long talk.... Take note of small gestures n small things so when u achieve bigger ones, u can smile n say - "I have lived it all"....!!!

14. Accept the fact that Past is Not Today:
Past is a Nice Place to Visit .. But Definitely Not a Good Place to Stay or Reside... Accept that whats gone is gone... And for thing that is gone, U cant ruin the current Moment... which is called "Present" - A gift...Just learn to live at the moment and that too to the fullest...!!  

15. Let Go when U must: 
Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure. The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that that situation is over, you cannot move forward....!!!

So lets just not Exist for the sake of the Existence... Lets b Fit and Live to the Fullest..... Coz at the end its the Survival of the Fittest.... and that Can only be Possible if U Live ur Life to the Fullest....!!! 

Stop Trying to Fit in... When u were already Born to Stand Out...!! 


  1. what happens if already standing out = OUTSTANDING

  2. So true! Wish Everyone Would do this :)

    1. I too wish the same....!! :D .. thanks dids...!!!!

  3. Awesome one! And I m sure u r living to the fullest..!!

  4. Amazing lines, Way to go. I now know which blog to read, when i feel low.
    THanks a ton Barkha :)
    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks soooo much puneet.... I m happy to read this comment..!! I wish I can make a difference

  5. eni maane.........aatlu badhu write karvama kantalo nathi aavto........:D

    1. Every single word does matter dodzy!..... U knw thats what we are gonna leave behind....!!!


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