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Sunday 5 August 2012

My BFF- Best Friends Forever..!!

Losing or Parting from our Best friends at any point of time is a matter of inexplicably Unbearable Pain for any of us, right? Yes, but let me ask an important question: Who is your best friend? If you ask the same question to anybody, of course, they suddenly will remember a long list of their sweet and beloved friends and reveal their names with extra details enthusiastically. 

Try to pose one more question: What do you mean by friendship? Oh My God..! They start to tell all the stuff they did with their friends. Surely, we all know the likes and dislikes of our friends and also we respect them. But my Question is, Do we ever think of making friendship with our own Parents or Mentors who guide our lives..???  Who are the candles that enlighten our lives. Do we???? We never do that.

My this blog is dedicated to few important people in my life whose words urged me and wanted me to write something…

Lets come to the people for whom I may have forgotten to say that they are my Best Friends.. or against whom I may have rebelled at times that they are not my friends..!! They are My Parents n My Mentor….!! My parents who brought me to LIFE and my Mentor who taught me the meaning of the word – LIFE…!! 

Growing up, my Mom and Dad always told me that they were my Best Friends and no matter what they would always be there for me. At such a young age, I went through many stages in my life were I disagreed with what they told me. I would go through times where I said I hated them so much for punishing me, enforcing rules, and keeping me from doing the things that I wanted.  In school, I excelled in all the courses with very high grades. I thought because of my outstanding grades, I could defy my parents’ rules and guidelines all that I wanted. At the time, they were the last people I would consider my "Friends".

However, as I grew up, I have come to realize one thing I never did before; My parents are my Best Friends. With their love and guidance, my parents have had a tremendous impact on the person I am today. They have coached me rather than making decisions for me. I always have been given the freedom to discuss openly and frankly on anything…(however m still hesitant to an extent) !! When I had my first crush, my parents knew it before my crush knew it..!! Lol… They have been with me.. Stood by me.. Always showed me the fairer side of life and enriched my life with their compassion.. And I think that’s what a  Best Friend is meant to do.. 

Well..Unfortunately the same is the case with My Mentor. My first impression for my Mentor was she is a “Serious Dictator” who just orders me- “How to act?” and “What to do?” (LOL) ..bcoz she happened to be my boss too. But within quite a short time I realized it wasn’t true at all.. Infact she was never my boss... Infact, she is Gem of a Person as I always say.  Never realized that whom I never understood in the beginning and who never understood me in the start would one day be a person to whom I would rush when I have any single thing to share.. May it be happy or may it be sad... It is from her I learnt the meaning of word -  LIFE. She taught me LIFE is simple:
L- Laughter in times of sadness and woes
I – Integrity in one’s own belief
F – Fortitude to be independent and an individual
E – Enjoyment in content in life without Expectations
Quite Easy na?? But it took me 6 months to understand what she was trying to explain. She’s one more person who is responsible for what I am and who I can count like 1,2,3 in my best friends’ list along with my parents. Infact I would have got lost in the Fog of Depression if she wasn’t the street light who enlightened and showed me the way. And today is the time when if I sneeze I would let her know. Infact for her, I genuinely believe that "When Destiny Forgets to Tie Sm People in Blood Relations, It corrects its mistake by making Them Best Friends..!" She's that close to me. My Mentor- My BFF (Best Friend Forever) for sure..!! 

These are the people we forget in our daily lives. Friends we should realize that nobody can be a better friend than our parents or mentors, who may already have lost many of their ‘close friends’ in course of upbringing their children or upbringing an institute in case of a mentor. If we shun close bond with our parents or mentor, loneliness will become a part of their life. Surely they will accept it as fate. 

How many of us know what is up with our parents, the same way that we know what is going on with our friends are up to? How many of us has that one person in life other than parents who taught us how to live? And when we start enjoying our life how many of us go back and tell that Mentor thanks for teaching us the same? A piece of paper – a resignation – an air ticket – all these should not make us forget what they did for us. Are we aware How they are feeling? What makes them happy, angry, annoyed or frustrated? Unfortunately, we do not know our parents or mentors as much as we know our friends. Did we ever ask them what their friends were like? What was their perspective about friendship when they were kids or our age?

When we give preference for our ‘personal life’ over relationship with our parents and mentors we should realize that they too had a personal life before our birth or when heard our catharsis for hours in case of mentor. But did they care about their personal life at that time? Infact they made us their priority.. Then how can we treat them as an option..??? Are we that cruel???

We should talk to our parents and mentors more often; we should hang out with them once in a while, take them out for a coffee or lunch or dinner and get to know them. We will find that this will not only give us a new perspective on their parenting or mentorship, but it will instill a new found mutual respect in us for them and in them for us, and it will also create and strengthen a connection that should last a life time - that of friendship.

Since last 10 years I have been celebrating Friendship’s day and Valentine’s Day with my Parents. However this year, this year I would like to spend some time with my mentor too ( incase she's free from her busy schedule) and know her perspective on friendship. Because for me she is Morrie and I always say I wish I had Tuesdays or Sundays or Any days with her...(P.S. -Those who dint understand.. Read the book -"Tuesdays with Morrie".. and u will get to know what does the word MENTOR mean) ... I want to know their experiences and want their teachings to consume me soooo much that this can be the most memorable friendship’s day of my life…!! 

Happy Friendship's Day to all of U with a Cuppa Coffee...!!


  1. Great going my lil sis! Absolutely loved it :)

  2. Thank you very much Perks! I am honored to read this and I am sure ur Mentor would also be Proud to read this... And we are always there for u...

  3. a perfect friendship day post.

    1. Thank u so much Sugandha.. Am glad u liked it.. Do visit more often here...:)


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