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Saturday 22 September 2012

Dearest Darling Daughters

We the Daughters are - Delightful, Attentive, Understanding Girls, Highly Thoughtful, Ever, Reliable...!!

We Daughters bring Beauty and Life to a home with our Tittle-Tattle. We are Dad’s sweetheart and a Mom’s dream and treasure. We learns less and teach more. 

The first time when a daughter is held by her father in his shaking arms, she brings exuberance and delight. I remember my Dad calling me a "Chatter-box" all the time. And the same dad, when I go for a job may it be even for 6 hours misses my tittle-tattle all the time. A daughter's relation with her dad is the 1st male-female relationship in her life. When dad respects and listens our opinions, we gain self-confidence, self-esteem and pride. Dads, thus, lay the groundwork for the type of relationship that their daughters will share with men later in their life.

I still love the line - "To my husband I may not be the Queen, But to my Dad I am always gonna remain her Princess...!!"

A Mother’s best friend, we add sweetness and spice to her life making her a child too. Daughters usually depend on their mothers to help them form their definition of 'womanhood'. Mothers are role models for their daughters. They exemplify how to be an individual, a mother and a wife. She instills in us 3 C's- Compromise, Commitment and Consideration.

Parents watch their daughter grow, second by second with glee and gladness, excitement and exhilaration, apprehensions and tensions and stand by her through all her phases from childhood to teenage and to motherhood.

No matter how grown up she is and how old she gets, it is her prerogative to be a little sulky girl for her parents and they love her for that too. She teaches them patience and forgiveness, tolerance and selflessness and has the key to their hearts forever.The kind of affection so purely angelic that she brings, she deserves to be made special. 

We- The Daughters are the store houses of love, care and innocence as kids, as teenagers, as wives and even we turn mothers..!! And no matter where we go or we settle, we always have our parent by our side. Specially in Indian Society, Widows get Sympathy, Dead get Respect and Singles get Scorn. But forour parents, they still shower us with all the Love, Care and Respect irrespective of our status. They are protective for Daughters, may she be unmarried, divorcee or widows. 

Dedicated to all the Darling Daughters:

From the day one we become Apple of our Dad's eyes
Our Silent Tears do Wonders and Dad agrees to do on what he said a big 'NO' earlier
We can walk in style all day long without looking Tired
We burn our hand atleast once while learning cooking but We Never Complaint
We can Cry throughout the night, but the next morning when our Eyes are Blood-Shot its just Coz Mascara has hit Eyes
We like to be called "Angel", "Princess" or "Baby"
As kids We are dependent on our Parents, and as Adults we like to take care of our Parents..
No matter where we get married, We still are much careful of our Responsibilities towards our Parents
We Leave Behind Our house, Our Parents, Our Room, and still Adjust easily in a nano second...
We Hold Mother's Hands and Dad's Hearts....!!! 

I strongly believe - God must have smiled when He made Daughters, Because He knew He has created love and happiness, for every Mom & Dad. He also ensured that in days to come they will become mother's, 
And give more Daughters to this World, And the cycle of life and death will continue for generations and years to come.

See what a daughter can do to you:

D.... oes so much to bring you joy..... 
A.... dds lots of love to your world.... 
U... plifts you with her smile...... 
G..... ives you memories to cherish..... 
H... as the warmest hugs to share..... 
T.... ouches your heart with her sweetness.... 
E... njoys doing thoughtful things...... 
R.... adiates her own special beauty......

And just to add the froth to the Irish cuppa coffee, Here's an Irish saying:

"A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life....!! "

Happy Daughters Day to All the Females at Every End of the World...!! ...Respect the Womanhood.. And For today -- Daughterhood...!! 


  1. ab rulagey kya ..... we are sooo thankful that we have de BEST AWESOMEST MODERN AMAZZZING PARENTS .... We shall always be thankful to em for what we are as an individual... thy have taught us to take care, to be practical, to love, to be best of de frens, to be emotional, to grow n learn, to adapt, to say yes to TRUTH & NO to False... I believe i can jus go on n on .... We ll always be our dadddy's darling daughters... all our lives... n as my dad stated " everyday for him is a daughter's day "

  2. aashu.. i agree completely...!!! God cant be everywhr na for nuts like me and u... so he created Parents....We are so much engrossed in Growing Old that we Forget that They are Growing Old too.. :)

  3. Excellent words...!! I and ur Dad both are Proud to have u as a daughter...!! God bless U...!! Very touching! But for sure u are a Chatter-box...!!! I wonder how do u remain quiet in ur sleeping hours..But then I remember u hardly sleep.. lol.. Take care

    1. Mom..thank u soooo much...!! LOL... Ya have become an OWL..hehehe...

  4. I never ever knew I was so many things, Ma!


  5. Jst awsum <3 :*
    It touched me nd my mom 2(c was sitting beside me nd I read her ur blog) c said u have written extremely gud...(Y) :D
    Nd m proud 2 b daddy's li'll gurl nd mumma's frendly daughter... <3 :)

    1. Thank u so much.. And m happy that more than u, ur mom liked it... Pls pass my regards and thanks to ur mom... Yup..!! Be proud to be a dearest darling daughter..!! :)


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