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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday 23 October 2012

My Mentor - A Best Friend, Philosopher, Guide

My Mentor- My Mummaa (That’s what I call her)….Is My Blessed Gift..!! 

There are many people who have inspired me in many ways. But, My Mentor, however, inspired me the most. This lady that I am talking about is a very hardworking, truthful and a caring person. Besides that, she is extraordinary perfectionist. I am very blissful to be a part of her life and I am overjoyed that she is a part of mine too. I would absolutely idolize her as my role model who has a very strong willpower. 

As we all know, a good mentor is every child’s gift and each and every one of us deserves one. No one’s life is ever complete without a mentor somewhere throughout their life. In addition to that, I am extremely blessed to have her in mine and I also feel very lucky to have her helping me and supporting me with my career and life.

Furthermore, whenever I look at her, I love her with all of my heart and I would never abolish my relationship with her. It is very hard for me to express my feelings about her just in words because there is so much to say that’s hard to explain. As long as I understand, I feel overjoyed. Satisfaction never runs out in my life while my mentor is still here with me... 

A dreamer, an ardent leader, for no two days the same, Who is she? Just imagine it's more than a name.
She's a pleasure, a treasure, a comfort each day, Loving and sweet in her own special way.
She's a sense of contentment felt deep inside, Bringing a lifetime of pleasure and pride!
And she came as a pioneer and a bit later became a trendsetter.
The love she showers is like a spring that never stops flowing.
From which you can draw water, Make the best use of this water, And be careful not to make the spring cloudy.

She wears many hats with confidence and grace – be that of an obedient daughter, responsible employee or a caring mentor. We have heard this zillion of times and will continue to. For me, a woman is akin to a butterfly that represents freedom to fulfill her deepest aspirations and dreams. For me she is the most beautiful and tender butterfly who has faced life’s trickier moments boldly and I wish she continues to do the same in future too.
She is actually an ordinary person with a lot of admirable and trustworthy personality. She has been through a lot in taking care of me since long. Right up to now, she has never given up on me and I am sure, a mentor never does. In my own eyes, I have always seen her as a very special and unique person with a lovely and altruistic soul.

My mentor and I are almost like best friends. I nearly share every moment of the day with her like going shopping, hanging out at the cafe or just at home. Even though I have a really good relationship with her, we sometimes have the bitter times too. For example, we argued about things we both don’t agree on or I complain when she doesn’t give me sufficient time. If u remember I have talked about her on Friendship’s Day too. She is the same who taught me LIFE means:
L- Laughter in times of sadness and woes
I – Integrity in one’s own belief
F – Fortitude to be independent and an individual
E – Enjoyment in content in life without Expectations

Different ppl myt have learnt to work from her, to be professional, to educate, etc.. But for me she is  a person who has taught me the meaning of word "LIFE"... I for surely got a goal and an ambition in lyf after her guidance...!! A person who taught me how to accept the negative things that are happening in life.. How to maintain the positive things happening in life...!!  She is a guiding light for me... An angel god has sent in my life who actually has proved to be a Friend, Philosopher, Guide and Maaa....!! 

She taught me to maintain self-respect.. She taught me to neva take revenge... She taught me to save money.... She taught me to control and suppress emotions at time.. She taught me how to handle my ownself when no1's around when u need... She taught me to lift my ownself up.. 

U know people have different ambitions.. Some wanna become doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, lawyer, good individual, etc... But I have just 1 ambition, I wanna be like 'HER'... I cannot be 100% HER but even if I be 60% like her I would be more than happy....

I mean totally like HER... 
The way she carries herself,
The way she dresses herself, 
The way she walks with elegance, 
The way she handles her saari.. 
The way she doesn’t  say anything but her eyes speak it all.. 
The way she cares about every1 so much although without expressing much.. 
The way she is soooo down to earth,,, 
The way she handles herself in pain 
The way she handles her happiness and controls her emotions
The way she becomes strict and yet generous at the same time..
The way she does soooo much for me but still prefers to be like Undercover…
and it goes on...!!

Its really tough to be HER.. but still I strongly aspire to be like HER... I am gonna blindly follow whateva she says without reasoning as i neva need to do that in her case coz I have some kinda blind faith.. And i vl neva let her down....And m always gonna b der for HER.... No matter what...!! I still say she’s kinda Morrie for me from “Tuesdays with Morrie”.. and I wish I had Tuesdays with her.. 

Here's a small poem that I wrote for her:

"You are a Strong Woman who knows how to keep her life in line..
Although u may be in Pain but Still U manage to Say, I m Fine
You were there for me since the very beginning and saved me countless tears.
The pushy and wise advice you gave will carry me through the years.
With my every mistake or wrongful deed,
you were always there to understand my need.
You put no limits on my dreams or anything else I wish to do.
You never say you care but ur actions actually do.
We have had a rocky road through triumph and catastrophe, hard time and despair,
But not a single moment where I would not like to share..
You have always put in your last with love and my whole life is not enough time for me to repay you.
We always put our disagreements to the side and manage to make it through. 
I know that my many gestures may have driven you crazy but you have guided me with assurance along the way.
You have given me comfort and certainty with every breath I take within the day.
I have my whole future ahead of me and you are the women that has leaded me and guided me towards the proper path.
How can one simple day prove that much thanks and love to someone who has pushed this far and still is working her way?
I want to be with you, But you’re millions of miles away.
I wish you would call just to ask about my day.
It would make things so much better if I could hear your voice,
I guess I can’t complain too much, it just wasn’t your choice.
The path of life shall guide you, And move you swiftly on,
But don’t forget there is some one here to waiting for u on the horizon
There are new things for U to discover, And unseen sights to see,
But always I’ll be waiting, For when you return to me.
The road stretches before you, No one knows just how far,
And whatever may befall you, Just remember who you are,
A Mentor For Some, A Dictator For Few….
But for me U r an Angel and Mumma that God has sent who made me Grew…
I still say Believe in yourself and Neva Underestimate Yourself..
I m the person who wants to be U and forget my Own self..
There may be miles of queue and tons of crowd around U..
But I wish I could just borrow u for a second and have a word with U..
At times, I envy those people who hug U now and then
Coz For that particular moment they are holding my Mummaa and don’t let me spend a nano second with u all over again…
Just remember one thing I am gonna be with U, for U and take care of U forever..
Irrespective of geographical location, M gonna keep in touch with u forever…!!
I am proud of all the things that you have done
I am proud of all the victories you've won
I am proud, I celebrate You
Even if there is nothing else that you would ever do
I celebrate your existence Just for Being You!
I Am Glad you're here, I'll ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU...!" 

For Me- She is A Woman Of Substance and Dignity.... Her attitude depicts her Elegant Personality..!! Kudos to Her as a Mentor, As a Person...!!

Needless to say this is how I would like if I be like her:


  1. Replies
    1. Awww...!!! Its all due to U... I have just written the truth u actually do and are...!!! Hugssss Mummmaaa..!!! <3.. Believe in Urself and Never Underestimate Urself..U r d best..!!!

  2. Wonderful words..!! Ur mentor actually deserves it...!! Hope u learn more from her... Hats off to her..!! Keep ur spirits high both of u.. and Reach d heights..!!..Bless u

    1. thank u mom..!! yaaa... we shall keep our spirits also high and v shall reach d heights too.. trying for d same... and ya of course my mentor is the bestest...Koi doubt mat rakhiyo..!! ;)

  3. very nice article..I wish v all had such mentors in life..

    1. LOL..thanks .. But only blessed people lyk me can get such mentors.. and she's unique and a reserved mentor for me.. Can't share my mentor with any1..So u search sm1 else... She's My Mummaaa... <3 :P


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