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Friday 14 December 2012

December - A Month of _______?

Aha…!! The Month of December is here… The Baby Pink Chilly Weather is in…. And the fog, as my other article says its calm n serene, has begun to make it presence felt every morning…!!

I was just sitting on the swing.. watching things around me on today’s early foggy morning… And I just thought … What does Month of December mean to all of us???

My Mom said- “Working Out in Chilled Weather”….
My Dad said-“ The falling of leaves n the great autumnal colours”…
My Diaper Friend Aashaka said – “Parties” *wink-wink*…..
Few kids in my Society said – “Santa Claus”…
1 of My Students said – “Marriages”…
Other said – “Birthdays”…
My Mentor said – “Wishes”…..!!

There are soooo many diverse perceptions about this one month I wonder… aah! - “DECEMBER”  

A month where the days are Short n Sunny.. and Nights r Long n Loveable….

A month that means a lot more than Parties, Boozing, Dancing, Working Out, Autumn, Santa Claus, Marriages, Birthdays, Celebrations and Wishes…!!

This is a month of Learning, of Love, of Leaping Forward, of Joy, Of Loneliness, Of Commitment..  A month that exhibits ‘n’ number of Emotions…

It’s a month to Learn .. That as the year is ending.. our worries, tensions, grudges, and tears should end their itself and we must start afresh in the new year..with new commitments…to our ownselves first… Just Lyk The Trees that Shed their Leaves in this Season… Same way we must also Shed all our Negative thoughts here itself…

It’s a month of Love… Who doesn’t like cuddling up with ur loved ones on the winter mornings/night.. May it be ur husband, wife, boyfriend, girl friend, friends, parents, kids, students, etc… A cuddly teddy bear hug in the chilling weather gives warmth n affection that has no match with any another emotion…

It’s a month of Leaping Forward… Complete ur old ventures loyally.. and Start New Ventures with More Zest n Zeal.. and promise urself.. and make a Resolution.. U will believe in Urself..

It’s a month of Joy.. The lil joy that u see on the face of innocent kids…when they put in their heart and soul to best decorate their Christmas tree… So that the Santa grants them their wishes… The innocent smiles they have on their faces.. and the way they get excited on getting their wishes fulfilled.. Nothing matches the child’s innocent happiness that he/she gets from such small small things…Not only kids.. Even the adults too believe in this Imaginary Friend of theirs..

It’s a month of Loneliness…  The tears that soak the fluffy pillow… coz the pillow besides it is vacant … on this cuddly nites…  Nothing worse than that… If u want u can try, Winter evenings n Nites will be the most loneliest if u have lost ur loved ones…  U ofcourse miss them time to time.. But still winter evenings n nites the amplitude of missing ur loved ones will reach heights..!! *mark it*

It’s a month of Commitment – Remember how the kiddos write letter to Santa Claus, with address of North Pole, explaining Santa that how good they had been all through the year and commit that they will be the same next year too…So that Santa grants them whateva they have written in their wishlist…!! Let the kids be.. even we-adults do make commitments and resolutions by the end of this month.. and start planning about it..!!

It’s a month where holding hands, watching clear star studded night means a lot..

It’s a month where long morning walks in the cool sweat-shirts means a lot…

It’s a month where the person who plays the role of Santa at malls n streets  earns his bread n butter … Dances to random tunes.. hiding his tears… so that the kids n adults stay happy.. No matter how cold the weather is… He greets everyone with his warm hugs n brings smiles… *HO-HO-HO*

It’s a month..where people just commit to each other so that they can get to attend Dance Party, the passes of which Strictly say – “only Couples allowed”

It’s a month where even if u sleep for 5 mins after dismissing the alarm in the mobile.. it turns outta be an hour magically…

It's a month of holidays for few..who r lucky enough to get Christmas Vacation...!! (*m not..and even if i got I prefer to work...*)

It’s a month of snow clad mountains, candles, stars, candies, ribbons, stockings, and beautiful colors of reds, greens and whites… Not to forget autumnal colours too…. The maple tree leaves…aah…!! (*not at all thinking of srk playing violin amidst of it*… LOL)

It’s a month where u get best fruits n veggies in ur diet…

It’s a month of angels, fairies, snowman,  santa… all of them come down together…  to fulfill our wishes.. in their own ways…

That reminds me…Let the kids be.. But to all the adults…  

Did you prepare your wish-list?? Do you expect gifts in ur stockings??? Are you going to where Red And/Or White on that Day?? Are you going to be Excited n Happy??? Or it wud be just lyk any other day?? If not … Lets do it this year…!!

We can not explain Santa that we were good kids this year and will be same next year..But we can surely promise ourselves that we will believe in ourselves, bring smiles,luv n cares to our loved ones .. and stay positive…!! 

We do not Expect gifts from Santa in our Stockings.. But how about gifting a small thing to a Friend, Parents, A Mentor or  a Kid.. Or may be the Santa at the Mall itself..??? How about bringing happiness on their faces???...  They say time n smiles are the best gifts u can give some1… So go… Give time to ur loved ones and bring smiles to them and to urself as well..

Stay Happy n Keep Smiling…!! Yaaa.. it’s a Month of Smiles n Togetherness too… 

Growing old is natural.. But Growing Up is a Choice…And so is losing Innocence…  Stay Innocent for a Day.. Neva let the Child inside U die --on this particular day atleast….!! .. It’s a Month U can Relive ur Childhood Again.. Go for it..!!

Go.. Grab a Pencil.. Paper.. and Jot Down ur Wish List with Ur Cuppa Coffee in this Month of Wishes….!! 

Me all ready to Prepare Mine.. With the Cup of Orange Hazelnut Coffee…  *best thing ever*... Lets Celebrate this Month of Wishes, Smiles n Togetherness - Welcome December with Open Arms...!

P.S. - May I know any1 of the wishes on ur Secret Wish List??? (if its not that secret…)


  1. I second ur Mentor too...Right.. A month of Wishes..

    1 of My Wishes - My Daughter learns to Wake Up Early and Works Out... ;) LOL

    By the Way whats Ur wish list this year???

    1. Mom...!Hope ur wish gets fulfilled in this incarnation of mine.. hahahhaha... My Wish list .. I vl get back to U... with it sooon...!! :)

  2. Wow!! What a blog post Barkha. Written very interestingly :)
    My wish fir this perfecr month or may be my birthday month is that I should make my parents proud and yes to meet you too is also one of my wishes.
    Hope your wishes too become true soon. God bless and enjoy the month of 'wishes' :-)
    Love ya :*

    1. Geetanjali...M soooo happy to see a media celebrity commenting on my article...!! Well so its for u is - "month of wishes and birthdays both"...!! Hope u have a blast on ur b'day.. and m sure u gonna make ur parents proud.... And meeting me?? hahaha.. sure..!! seems I hv to come to Delhi....Thank u soo mch for wishes... xoxoxox!!! <3

  3. Wish It! Believe It! AND IT SHALL BE SO!.....BARKHA...

    1. Mummmmaaa... Hugggssss...!! So Finally.. as "U" said v all believed that its "Month of Wishes"...!!!

      And hey Mummmaaaa.. whats ur 1 wish in ur wish list??? Can i know???..

      I understnd what u mean.. U mean we shud dedicatedly follow our wishes n believe in them.. Then we are bound to get it...

      And yes I wish I see you soon and u and my parents remain healthy n happy always.. I believe I vl see u soon n u 3 will remain happy n healthy always.. and As per ur comment.. i believe it shall be so...!!

      Love n Cares... Hugs n Kisses

  4. wow ma'am.. beautifully nd pleasantly written.. :) <3
    I luv decembers.. <3
    my wish is dat i want 2 open up more(as evry1 says me 2 b lyk dem)
    lyk 2 open up more nd speak wid dem.. i also want it happen bt i dnt knw wat happens 2 me dat wenever i try i cannot do it...
    nd want my family 2 b happy always.. :D

    1. Tanya... U r my lil, silent but brainy student...and u r the best the way u are.. U dont need to change jst coz others want u to be lyk them...

      But if u really wanna open up more..I vl tell u to do something.. Pick gas-balloons of all colours... Hold them tightly... And write any of ur worries on each of them..And then release it one by one and laugh loudly everytime u release one.. and then see the change..!!

      Hope ur family vl b happy always...!! :D ...

      Thank u so much for ur compliments...!! <3...

  5. I dnt knw if I hav any secret wishes!!! Bt to begin with I need tons of commitment to shed those extra kilos from me:p Santa r u listening?? Cud u help me wid it!!! So dat I cn wear all those lovely n chick dresses n flaunt my new bod:D

    1. Karishma... Ur comment made me LOL... Actually this applies to me also... if u can see my mom's comment..... And of course Santa's listening... And m sure he vl give u all the strength to achieve ur target...!! All the best ..!! ;) ...

  6. i adore ur this blog.... best write up... n being ur diaper fren .... yeah i go crazy usually in this month but this month in 2012 will be one of the craziest month in my life... ofc dec as u said is way more than onli parties but yea drinking n dance r two of my favorites from the list of things i love... basically love ur life n u ll love it more..

    btw yeah it happened to me today .... i jus snoozed myself to an hour n half extra sleep n thou was i late by 30 min @ work :( ...

    all in all brilliant .... i ve a long list of wish list too .... someday all shall come true since i try to get / make it so !!!!!! <3 <3 Hugs <3 <3

    1. hehe.. thanks aashu... ya i know the craziness u gonna carry this year and this month... Yup .. Love ur Life..and Firstly Love Urself...!! <3

      Yaaa may i know one of ur wishes on the wish list if its not that secret????

      May all ur wishes come true...!! <3... Hugsssss to u as well

  7. lemme prepare one ... as of now i vent got de time to prepare ... maybe thats my wish ... i shud b always BUSY doing something or de other.... personally or professionally :) :)

    1. That u r always doing...!! U r a Busy Bumble Bee...!!! So I hope the Santa continues to maintain that consistency of being busy in Ur life... Wish u all d luck...!! <3 *tin tin tidin*

  8. for me december's the month for partying and celebrating the spirit of christmas,remebering the winter days of school life, eagerly waiting for my b'day, planning surprises , etc.

    though i've not made wishlist, i wish all my friends and loved ones get what they aspire and be happy, includint you ma'm! :D :)

  9. Mauli... so for u its Months of Parties, B'days, Celebrations, Memories and Wishes all.... Gr8!.. All in One...!! :)

    And thanks for wonderful wishes... Hope u also get all the things u wish for and stay Khush n Keep Smiling...!! ;) ..

    M toh always happy... *tin tin tidin*....!!

    Stay Blessed...!!

  10. well written :) perks.... december for me the month of chilly mornings.... sleeping during first lectures ... and yea this time tamari mast gado bi ... ;) partiess to thayaj kare che :D


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