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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Wednesday 28 November 2012


P.S. - After back to back "SENTIMENTAL" articles... Time for Some Light-Hearted Talk...That Can Bring a Smile... !! 

These Days It Seems a Trend to Tag Someone Instantly Like.....:

If I Speak Too Much, I am 'Chatter-box'

If I Don't Speak, I am an 'Introvert'
If I Cry, I am 'Melodramatic'
If I Laugh, I am a 'Clown'
If I Eat, I am a 'Foodie'
If I Don't, I am 'On Diet'
If I Appreciate, I am 'Flirt'
If I Don't, I am a 'Critic'
If I Stand for Truth, I am 'Rebellious'
If I Don't, I am a 'Loser'
If I Read, I am a 'Nerd'
If I Don't, I am 'Time-waster'
If I Go out with Friends, I am 'Outgoing'
If I Stay at Home, I am 'Frog in the Well'
If I Love Someone, They Take it as 'Buttering'
If I Get Mad, They Take it as 'Attitude'
If I Do Make-Up, I am 'Glamorous'
If I Don't, I am 'Bhenji-Types'
If I Party, I am 'Party-Animal'
If I Be by myself, I am 'Anti-Social'

And the List Goes On....!! No matter what u do... People are always gonna 'Tag' U for whateva u Speak and Whateva u do... 

So Don't get Upset.. Just Chill.. Take Deep Breathe.. and Be Urself....

Do what u Like.. Live how u want... Don't be Victim of others' Opinions... Be Ur Own Judge...!!

Take Every Single Comment Lightly... When Life Gives U Hundreds of Reasons to Cry..Show Life that  U have Millions of Reasons to Smile.... 

Smile.. Coz Life is Beautiful...  And be Happy that People 'Tag' u coz U r worth-something  

Life is Easier when Everything is Taken as a Humour...!! Go for it.. Be confident... Hold ur Head High..!! and Just Live as Per Ur Rules... and Conquer the World...!! 

Grab a Cuppa Coffee.. And Dance to ur Own Tunes... Sing ur Own Song.. Paint ur Own Picture.. Love Urself for What U are.. Celebrate Urself for Being 'U'....!! 

P.S. - Yes.. U can Shrug ur Shoulders n Say... "Mein Apni Favourite Hoon...!! Koi Doubt Mat Rakhiyo....!! "... LOL


  1. love it .... perfect for me .... jus do what u want too n make sure u achieve n live that .... i am sure no one will bother u again.... let loose n live <3

    1. I know aashu... This ought to be perfect for U.. U can say in a way i have dedicated it to U only...!! :)


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