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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Justice is Blind

The one who was once so Dear... Now seems so Apart..
When they ignore You to the core.. And all You have is a Broken Heart..
You are half-way left Alone.. And forced to make a New Start…
The Faith goes Low... And Dreams Depart..
For the things You never did...  And yet You are Blamed…
No one pays Heed.... And listens to Your Innocent Claim
They're your Dearest ones who turn away...Nothing can ever heal this Pain... 
There’s None to Help and None to Hold..
And the only option You are left with, Is to remain Bold..
You can't get a single shoulder to Cry when You Find...
I for sure started believing, Goddess of Justice is BLIND..
But I believe, Life has hurdles just to see if you are fit…
To make it through, I just say – “I Won’t QUIT…!!”

P.S. - It hurts so badly when you are blamed and left alone for the mistake you have never done.. And specially when left without explanation. Everyone should be given a fair chance to speak and should be explained the reason of leaving...


  1. a great portrait of emotions..nice write..

    1. Thank u so much Karan... I am honoured.. and am happy it touched ur emotions somewhere.. :D .. and u also write well.. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank u so much sonali... I am honoured by ur compliments.. U made my day.. :D

  3. it's so touchy! Mostly true for everyone i guess, somewhere down the memory lane relates to your poem.
    Hats off once again!
    Kuddos to your skills! :)

    1. Am glad it touched u... yes! Each one of us relates to this some way or other... evry one experiences ths at least once in life... thanks so much

  4. I agree with you. The worst part of any relation is being blamed for something you didn't commit.
    Very well written
    Keep writing!!!!

    1. Thank u so much Harshita.. I feel humbled to have a comment from an upcoming author like you.. Loved ur writing skills.. and yaa.. it hurts to the core..

  5. always remember.. if u r right, u don't need to justify..there are n number of people with n number of perceptions and u can not change them.. so just let them be happy with their viewpoints and u enjoy..!!

    1. So true mom...!! <3... For once i agree with you... <3... You Only Live Once... So Live to the Fullest... :D

  6. awesom-est waali poem super likes :)

    1. Thank u so much anshuma.. am glad u liked it


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