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Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Mummaaa Or An Angel???

I met her some years back, sometime in middle of the year, where the cheerful September had just begun to enhance its beauty. We had a very good conversation very first time although I was too scared of her. There was some pacifying concern in her voice which was so motherly and so unconditional. I wanted to go on talking to her endlessly.

Days passed on and we became friendlier with each other. She was the best person to share my heart with. 

She made me feel alive when I felt the world is close to end. She made me see how beautiful the simple things in life can really be. Like an angel in my life, she was always there to protect me and surround me with happiness wherever I go.

She knew me in and out. She knew when I was sad and when I was glad. This makes my relation with her so unique because I never felt the words were required to express my pain or grief and still on the other hand I could blabber in front of her insensibly… and she would listen to it patiently with full interest…  Being heard is a gift she gave me most precious in my life.. . She read my mind so well -  A Perfect Angel to fill up the void of a best friend in my life.

We all need one special Angel in our lives who can always stand with us in times of troubles.

This Angel does not have soft feathers which would help me fly above the ground but she definitely makes me feel on cloud nine when I am almost about to jump into valley of depression.

This Angel does not have a magic wand which can change things before I blink my eyes. But she makes my world go around and make it a paradise when I get frustrated like hell.

This Angel does not have magic dust to sprinkle on me to change me.. Just her blessings and teachings are enough to change me..

This Angel is earthly in nature. We argue and do get upset too. Her anger knows no bounds and is uncontrollable. But on the other hand. she has a heart so pure just like that of a little toddler, that’s innocent.. that can be crazy.. that can be stern.. but that’s filled with unconditional love and care.. Her anger is just like a air bubble.. Once it bursts.. it gets evaporated into the air again… and never re-forms for the same reason..  But only few get her this characteristic…

I need this Angel in my life always and I am really happy to have her in my life........She’s a God’s blessing in my life….

Everyone deserves an Angel in Life who makes u Smile when u run out of reasons to Smile…

That’s what Mothers are all About.. Aren’t they…???? Always giving and caring… sacrificing and loving … unconditionally… truly.. madly.. deeply..

Today I just thought of Thanking God – “Dear God.. Thank you for listening to me so keenly… I had just asked for an angel who helps me going and the next day she walked in … “

She is still my Candy Bar Angel.. who gives me sweet Candies of Happiness and Blessings and Cares..when Life hits with me Bitter Taste..

Anyone Can be a Mother .. But it takes a Beautiful Heart and Soul like her to become a Mummmaa like her…

I seriously want to ask God for once - "Is it true that because he can not be everywhere so he created Angels like Mummaa to be around....?"

Feeling Blessed
Love you for being you… 


  1. So touching and beautifully narrated <3

    1. Thank u so much Privy... Am glad u liked it.. <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank u Anshuma ..Am glad u loved it... :)

  3. Hi dear.. U r so right in this one... They for sure are angels... am sure ur mumma would be proud of u after reading this..

    1. Hi...Thank u so much.. Yup i guess she is.. i hope so...

  4. Hi.. my name is Nisha.. After reading this, i started loving my mum more.. i understood her value.. thanks.. u made me realize she for sure is my best friend.. :) Beautifully written <3

    1. Hi Nisha.. Great tht u realized it and it made a difference in ur life.. Am really glad u liked it.. <3

  5. This is beautiful Barkha. I miss being away from home :/

    1. Thank u so mch Harshita...awwww... Hugggggsssss.... Am glad it touched u

  6. Beautiful nd touched me 1nce again mam... U r lucky 2 have an angel lyk her... :* :*♡♥

    1. Thank u so much Tanya... I am glad that it touched u.. Yes,, I am for sure lucky to have an angel like her...


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