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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Saturday 25 May 2013

Words Left Unsaid - The End

As soon as, Smriti opened her eyes, she was shocked to see what she saw in the mirror…  Or may be surprised…!! Her dark circles, her dried lips, her pale cheeks, her red swollen eyes, her turned down mouth and a face devoid of any hope, that she had seen just a few hours back was all vanished.. And in front of her stood A rejuvenated version of her ownself… She was taken aback for a while… She fell in love with her ownself…
She went to Aryan’s pic on the bedroom wall… She lit a candle there.. and put one rose out of the 60 roses in front of his pic.. And said a silent prayer in his name so that his soul rest in peace..She looked at Aryan straight into his eye and said…

“Aryan.. My Love..

Firstly thank u so much for the flowers and the only letter u wrote to me in life..  I am humbled.. But I wish u would have not done that.. Because it leaves me scarred..  and leaves me here with many questions unanswered and many words left unsaid…

Till now I was blaming my ownself for the failure of this marriage.. And I regretted that it was me who dint take the first step …  U r innocent because u were unable to understand… and unaware about my feelings..

But now when I know that u understood everything and still u purposefully avoided, it leaves me with ur impression as an “Evader”…  If you felt so much about me,  why would u waste 5 long years of your life and mine as well… ?

Do u even have a slightest idea how I have passed every day in these years…?  I have been regretting and blaming myself each day and each minute thinking may be I am wrong somewhere.. That I am not able to make u understand and win your heart.. And u feel its so easy to give 60 roses and make it up for each month of 5 years.. No! It doesn’t …  For u, these might have been 60 months.. But for me it has been 60 years… And I am just putting 1 rose in front of ur pic out of the 60 because it represents my one and only love…and that’s u my love..

And I am not an evader who would leave a note to u and not have guts to face you.. I always gave u glances and stares as well.. and made attempts to win ur heart as well but u decided to avoid it… Even today I am here looking straight into ur eyes and talking to you….

It’s still hard to believe u r gone.. I am dressed as per ur wish because it was ur last wish.. And I know it would have been the best day of my life if u were here today…  And from now onwards, I pledge that will try to make every day of my life – the best day of my life…  Because my guilt is cleared out.. And I have atlast discovered that I did win ur heart… I know I am no longer wrong…

I wish you could have admitted in the 1st year of the marriage itself so that by now atleast we would have been a happy family with a kid and  and I would have our precious moments spent together as ur reminiscences….I would have been left with ur own flesh and blood as ur souvenir  and the sign of of our love…and  purpose of my life as well…

But never mind.. I still have a Purpose in my life and that is to have a Life of Purpose..  I will keep u alive in every beat of my heart and every breathe I take…   I will handle ur business, fulfill ur dreams, adopt a kid and raise it as well as if it was ours… And I will not marry again.. Because I was and am loyal to you and I want u to be my first and last and only love and want to keep u alive in my memories and my heart as well…

I will move-on.. But hold on!.. Moving on doesn’t mean… Forgetting someone and moving ahead in my life or giving up one some and moving ahead…  If ur love is true, it also means keep someone with u forever and moving ahead.. So that they remain the part of ur journey and progress as well…

I have never been hesitant and I still say – ‘I love you’ and will always do.. I know u r somewhere around me forever.. and inside me in my heart and memories.. U will never be a faint memory…. I promise!.. We will move ahead and celebrate our each success together…

Forever Urs

She then filled up a glass of red wine.. And raised it in front of Aryan’s pic saying…  “Cheers to the Words that were and are Left Unsaid….”

P.S. – As I have mentioned in many of my articles and I still repeat it… Express ur feelings when people are alive rather than regretting once they are no more..  Touch a heart while its beating.. Enlighten a soul while it dwells in a person.. not when it escapes and wanders…


  1. keep up... !!!

    i ve already commented my bit in the first part... there r times when u cannot cope wid situations n face em ... gather courage n there is always a way to face em wisely wid all ur heart... i belive to every problem there is a solution at times its easy to find n at times it takes a while but eventually u do... keep ur calm in all aspects of ur situation n circumstances...that is what life is made up of...

    1. thank u aashu..<3.. yup and hope ur moving-on part is cleared off here... lol...

  2. Maam i wont lie
    u truely took my hrt away wid ur last words coz obvisly i cannot connct myslf to smriti....t ys i kno someday i will wen i ll gt married bt i promise dat i ll gt married to prsn whom i love n loves me bck.......coz dat wont leave ny of these chances...
    truely...thnk u for d PS. thing as it is d bst i can connect to right now.....
    I luv u best frnd <3 :* :)

    1. sry... its *a person n *who loves me bck

  3. I am totally moved by the story and m happy that the girl kept his love and him alive and yet decided to move on. Wonderful writing skills!

    1. Thank u so much.. Am happy it touched u.. :)

  4. Replies
    1. thanks hemi.. am happy u started reading and believing in love.. want u to really do that..!!<3

  5. awesome end & so is the story ......

    1. awwwwww... thank u anshuma... m glad u liked it... <3

  6. Superb end... (Y) <3
    Luvd the story.. <3 :D

    1. THank u Tanya... am glad u loved it... <3

  7. very lovely and very touching story. there are always things that are left unsaid... nicely portrayed!!!!great work :)

    1. Thank u urvi... thanks a ton!... yup some words should never be said...I am glad it touched u


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