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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Words Left Unsaid...

There she was sitting at the coffee-table by the window watching the drizzling outside and sipping her favourite Orange-Hazelnut coffee... Just the way ‘HE’ liked it... Strong, Rich and Smoother...
She kept staring at her mobile practically after every minute wondering why is there no buzz from him? Not an sms, not a call, not a whatsapp even??..Is he ok? Did he reach the airport? Has he boarded the flight?  It had been 4 hours, Aryan had left home for airport since he was going to Delhi from Bombay..
She wanted to make a call and confirm his well being but then she recalled what happened 6 hours back and shooed her thought away...

6 hours back...
Aryan and Smriti both woke up on their usual times as their alarm clocks chimed.. It had been a stereotype life for them since 5 years, right from the day they got married... Or may be night! .. On the marriage night itself, Aryan confessed to Smriti that he had married her just succumbed to parental pressure and so could not heartily give her a designation of a wife... If things work out over a period of time its fine else the life's gonna be a compromise for both of them till they have their last breathe in their hand..

Smriti was startled.. It was as if his voice was a knife slicing her into two. However she never failed to perform her duties or daily chores as a wife and yet managing to smile in front of the world...

Life for them was just like any other time-table that one followed.... Of course, Smriti being a female was emotional and had thought many times tried to talk to Aryan and even fell for him.. She thought eventually she might win Aryan’s heart and his love as well..But Aryan was a stubborn and highly practical guy.. who would either talk about business or the food that she had cooked or give her money to buy things and cut short the matter... He believed he was giving her everything by providing all the materialistic comforts...

 That day, once they woke up... They had their daily chores done.. And all of a sudden, Aryan announced that he was leaving for Delhi.. He had some important business work.. Smriti did not utter a word...It was their Marriage Anniversary....She wanted to go and hug him and give him surprises and wanted to recieve the same just like any other wife.. But was scared of Aryan's harsh-face and stone-heart.. She had a belief in the silent corner of her heart that may be he might recall it before he boards his flight and might cancel and return back or might be just sms before he boards..or just a whats app…

Current Moment..
She was looking at the phone unwinkingly, and waiting for it to just beep once... However it was in vain..It had already been 4 hours that he had left and he might have boarded the flight as well..

Smriti resumed herself back to the daily routine..She had completed all of her work..And so she decided to rest for a while and entertain her ownself by herself by watching T.V. which was her daily routine since her days mostly wrapped up in emptiness.. She was surfing the T.V. channels randomly... And all of a sudden she was shuddered the moment she saw the news channel...

The Breaking news section flashing on the bottom most part of the screen had the news that read- "The flight that had took off from Mumbai To Delhi has got CRASHED.. No passengers are expected to survive.."

She was frozen..She went numb..Her body and senses both went blank...She felt it was the harshest blow that the fate had given her... Before she could understand anything and feel the ground below her feet and face the reality, she fainted and fell to the ground...

When she resumed her consciousness by the knocking at the door, it already had been 1 hour passed..She was stretched out supine on the marble floor.. She tried to take a deep breath but she felt no air in the room… She re-collected in her memory- the flow of incidents.. She still prayed and wished it to be a nightmare that she might have seen in her 1 hour deep slumber... And again the door bell rang…

She felt a deep void inside which she knew now never would be filled up..  She rushed to the bathroom to wash her face.. but she could barely walk..With great difficulty she managed to drag herself her to the bathroom..She saw her reflection in the mirror..Her dark circles, her dried lips, her pale cheeks, her red swollen eyes, her turned down mouth and a face devoid of any hope..She hated everything about herself...She wanted to dissolve into tears but instead she splashed cold water onto her face..

She wanted to scream and tell him -
“Although he never talked sweetly to her, but even his business conversations were her favourite harmony..
Although he never noticed her, but when their eyes met in good morning and good nite greeting, she used to get drowned there for a moment,
Although he was stone at heart, and never expressed his emotions, her heart melted every moment for him....
Although he never really checked her out... but those quick glances that they exchanged on dining tables meant the world to her..”

It all atleast kept her alive... Gave her a reason to live.. It gave her a hope with every rising sun that may be this day would be better than yesterday and things may change..

But now the candle of hope had extinguished forever... It was too late.. It was all over now.. She regretted to the core..

She questioned her ownself... - "Why could not  I have messaged him if he dint wish? Why did not I remind him if he forgot? Why did not I take the initiative? Was he stubborn or I? Was I also being like him? Was ego more than the relation itself?"
Just when she was lost in the hurricane of questions and answers, the door bell rang again.....
Fogged in her brain, she still expected that it to be Aryan..She ran at the fastest pace to open the door..
When, she opened the door, she was startled at the visual that she saw.. A delivery boy was standing in front of her carrying a bouquet of 60 roses.. And a note and a letter attached to it..

The note read-
"Happy Anniversary.. 5 years .. 12 months in each year.. turns out to be 60 months.. So here's a rose for each month..

She kneeled on the floor... Crying and sobbing... She wanted to curl up and die... The nerves in her body beat up hard against her skin.. It was as if her body had turned inside out, leaving her hollowed out..

And all of a sudden, she realized she had a letter in her hand too....

To be continued....
(wait for what the letter says)

P.S. - As I always say, Please value the person when he/she's alive rather than regret for not having said after they are gone... U might lose the person but the Regression stays for lifetime..Express ur emotions to ur loved ones before they become a faint Memory..  Take a step forward..


  1. uhmm so whateva u ve written here we ve heard or seen it happen somewhere... real lyf or reel lyf.. but we ve... although what the verse that u ve jotted down here...took my heart away... MLTR war... ("Although he never talked sweetly to her .... n on")

    i shall await part 2 for some more revelations as to what happens...

    meanwhile i wud also like to point out specially bout u since u r talking here mainly about EMOTIONS ... barkha i ve known u for a long long tym as a dear fren... n in these last couple of years i ve seen u go thru a lot of emotions... happy bad sad ugly fun etc etc.. but u neva fail to put ur emotions ryt on the table to let em play or move arnd wherever they want too... i ve seen em crush n hurt sooo hard as well ... but as they say time heals all n u ve to move on... do we actually move on n forget things or we jus long for some more... i vent actually gotten the concept of moving on... y move on from a person or memories that a person has created when u ve been togather... these r ur precious as told in lord of the rings...

    all in all i m soo proud for u to be doing so... keep up !!!

    1. Thanks aashu.. I know I am an over-emotional person as people say..But ya i agree to u .. I dont believe in "Move-on" stuff.... We don't actually move on.. We just accept things and life as it comes.. and learn to live with it..

      Nobody has to move-on and nobody has to leave.. if u want a person to move ahead in life... and if u truly care that much.. then why not be with that person together and participate in his/her journey...

      And treasure the memories and savour every moment .. Thats what i believe...

    2. I think my name article should be on this move on stuff only.. lol.. *Amen*

  2. Awesome story..made me weep already!!

    1. awwwww... thank u so much urvi... pls dont weep...!! *hugggssssss*.. am glad it touched u.. <3

  3. Congratulations Barkha on becoming a wonderful storyteller!!

    1. Thank u kamal.. Am really happy u found it wonderful.. Keep visiting more.. and leave ur foot prints here.. U might find more wonderful stuff here...

  4. Superb story! (Y) :)
    Well written... :D
    Eagerly Waiting for the rest of the part... :) :D

    1. Thank u Tanya.. I am glad to know that u r waiting for the second part.. Coming soon...!! <3

  5. Maam....glad to b 1 of ur studnt...bt more to b ur bst frnd... :)

  6. Aryan.. hmm Sounds familiar... :)

    1. familiar?????... I have never in my life met anyone named Aryan...

  7. Raj Aryan... remember now...

    1. hahaha.. yaa! The character played by SRK in Mohabbatein with maple leaves falling around... Quite filmi naa..!! :)

  8. I have started reading on love these days .. amd m finding it wonderful. . Perks keep on writing more...

    1. awww thank u ... <3.. am happy u read abt love these days.. i will try and write more..about love..<3

  9. This is one of the best blog post I've read :)
    P.S. I love to read ur articles esp those having complete blend of emotions
    Bring them on! (Y) ^_^

    1. Thank u so much Mauli.... I am glad ur emotions are stirred up.. Surely will try to write more and more :)


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