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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Thursday 23 May 2013

Words Left Unsaid - Part 2

Smriti suddenly stood up upright from her knelt down position, realizing that she has a letter in her hand..
She all of a sudden ran to her bedroom and threw herself onto the bed… and hugged Aryan’s pillow and opened the letter after gathering up all the strength..
The letter was written in black ink over red paper… as u can see.. The letter read as follows…

“My Dearest wife Smriti
By the time u get this letter I might have left for Delhi.. Asusual u won’t say a word and remind me or u won’t get mad at me for forgetting the anniversary.. But I have not forgotten.. Neither had I forgotten for last 5 years.. But u never complained or uttered a word.. U held back ur pain and adjusted and adapted to every hurt with sublime hiatus.

I just want to tell you thank you for always tolerating my tantrums and my silence and respecting my privacy. U never complained even if I was wrong or hurting u or being unfair to u.. Hats off to ur tolerance and patience! If I would have been on ur place I would have quit this relation long back.. but u dint..

Thank you for not blaming me for the hurt I gave u on the first night..
Thank you for not allowing the world to notice our differences and maintaining my dignity in society..
Thank you for cooking every day my favourite dishes, sacrificing ur taste, and still never hearing compliments from my side..
Thank you for never fighting with me for watching T.V. when I wanted to watch those stupid fixed matches.
Thank you when even after crying whole night, u wish me good morning with a smile on ur face as if u dint cry at all at night..
Thank you  for reminding me my medicines daily, and still never making me realize that u care for me and I don’t reciprocate the same..
Thank you for taking care of my parents as much as u care for ur own parents and always showering respect and love on them..
Thank you for waiting for me every evening on the dining table for the dinner even if I come at midnight.. At times taking a power nap sitting on the dining table itself and not making me even feel that u r exhausted..
Thank you for never complaining that I never take u out on valentine’s day or anniversary…and yet staring me from the corner of the eye.. and loving me silently..
Thank you for keeping the life in this relation alive else this relation would have gone to coma or dead long before..
Thank you for listening my business conversations with full interest as if I was narrating some story of ur choice..
Yes I know u love me and I know u don't express it to me..I know every glance u make at me.. I know ur heart melts for me…I understand ur every emotion… U thought I never noticed all these over these years.. but I did.. and I am grateful that I did..

Its only because of u that this relation is alive and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart..

My ego won’t let me have an eye contact with you to tell you this.. but gathering up all my strength I want to confess it to you that gradually even I have fallen for u.. And yes! I do love you too..!

Oh please don’t let that tear in ur eyes flow down please..! They are precious.. Pls don’t waste it away…

When I come back, I want to see you clad in a complete white dress that u wore on the next day of our marriage.. I want u to be well-groomed just the way u were on that day… I want to take u to a candle-light dinner .. So be ready by 5 p.m. tomorrow , I shall be back by evening once I finish the meeting…

More than my loving and caring wife, I wanna see my recent beloved who is clad in white from top to bottom…

Lots of Love

By the time Smriti finished off with the letter, it was already 5 p.m….
She all of a sudden got up and wiped off her tears…as if everything was a dream and headed for a shower.. She wept under the shower for 1 full hour and let all her pain drain away.. She came out and dressed herself in white dress, wore white bangles, white bindi, white stilettos and silver payal.. It seemed as if the part of the moon had descended onto the earth .. She looked ravishing and elegant.. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled to her reflection.. Her reflection gave a broader smile..She fell  in love with her ownself that evening..

Just when she sprinkled Aryan’s favourite perfume “Stella” , the entire room was filled up with the sweetest aroma ever… And she closed her eyes to feel that scent… As soon as she opened the eyes, she was shocked to see what she saw in the mirror…

To be continued….
(Wait for what reflection said..)


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    1. Thank u urvi.. :) <3 so waiting for the chapter -3 ?

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    1. Thank u lovely rids.. i dont know u personally but am glad u liked it... Keep leaving ur footprints on my blog often.. I would appreciate it.. Thanks again.. :)

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    1. thank u aashu.. so what do u expect in 3rd chapter?

  4. Gr8 Work! :)
    Waiting for part 3.. :D

    1. Thank u Tanya.. This weekend for sure...!! :)

  5. I fell in love with the letter by aryan. It's too good. B-)

    1. hahaha.. dont u feel that aryan should have said this long back on face.. that would not have wasted 5 years of both of their lives.. :P .. Thanks...!! :D


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