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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Friday 2 November 2012

Grey- Color of Smoke and Loneliness


Today  a lil bit of low i feel
And i dont know how to heal..
I usually love the weather which was about to rain
But now the sleepless nites and medicines have fogged my brain
I feel lost and have no direction
For me its Non-Fiction...
Sand seems slipping out my hand
Lost d moment for a band

But then i think to myself at times
And a tear of mine shines like dew sometimes..
May be the Gravity has brought me Down
And may be the Tragedy has made me Clown
Then i Just Lit My First Cigarette,,,,Wanting to Fag...
But then Scared Enough To Sag...
So just keep observing it till it turned into ash
And could feel my frustration gnash...
The curl of the smoke raised slowly...
Grey figures danced and twirled in the fading mist,..
A tear rolled down my cheek slowly
And all I could feel is the pain of the cyst...
Or was I just a victim of Pangs of Loneliness
Or just a sufferer of Sleeplessness

The Fire has now turned into Ashes..
And I stare at it with Moist Dark Eye-lashes
Here I am back..Tossing myself in bed..
Trying to Sleep where the Land of Dreams led
Hoping For a Fresh and Sunny Tomorrow...
With all the Joys and Not at all Sorrow..
On my Purple Bed with the Resolution I lie
That am Neva Gonna Let my Spark Die..!!

P.S. - It bears no resemblance with me i guess...!!

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