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Coffee-Lovers So Far...!!

Coffee-Lovers So Far..!! --->

Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunset- A StressReliever

Sunset - A Stress Reliever and Symbol of Optimism

Here I am … Again with my Fad of relating the Mother Nature with the Human Emotions…!! Here I am with my Hot Cuppa coffee Snuggling between the Palm of My Hands…!!!

I am just looking at the Vermillion Sun and the Scarlet Sky with the Sun setting down…!! I see the birds flapping their wings restlessly trying to get back to their nests before the dusk sets in without any traffic signals or traffic jams blocking their way…!! All they have on their mind is to get back to their loved ones..!! 

The crimson rays chase my face…!! And I see the Sun setting down in its eternal ocean step-by-step…!! And I m humming an old-retro song.. “kahin door jab din dhal jaaye… sham ki dulhan badan churaaye.. chupke se aaye…” (*hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*) 

What do u think the words crimson, scarlet, vermillion and setting sun relate to???... Depression?? Rage?? Anger…???? I have heard n number of homosapiens in my lyf saying that – “One must never watch the setting sun… It brings sorrows, pessimism and depression….” … 

My question is it the nature that brings such emotions with it??? Or is it the man-made myth????... Or Point of View of a Predefined Mindset??? 

For me, Every single thing around us is Positive if u have that view to analyze it… 
For me, the words ‘Crimson’, ‘Scarlet’, ‘Vermillion’ means…. Love, Longing and Loyalty respectively..!! The Heart that is Crimson and is always symbolized for Love.. The Longing in the Scarlet Sky-ed Evening when u wanna just go and drown into ur loved one’s arms… And the Vermillion that is the symbol of Loyalty in Indian Marriages..!! 

A sun when sets neva gives me a feeling of anger or depression..!! 

Infact, The Sun that is setting down is taking away all ur worries and sorrows of the day along with it.. And it’s loyal enough to promise U that it will surely come next day with New Hopes, Dreams and Happiness..!! And it surely does..!! There has neva been a day that it doesn’t turn up…!! Everyday it bags up ur worries n sorrows n tears and dumps it into its eternal ocean when it sets… And the next day again it brings u a wrapped gift of new hopes n happiness n smiles..It just waits for us to unwrap the gift and accept it… 

So a setting sun surely relieves u of all the pains..!! And it remains loyal and visits u next day with all the happiness n smiles… Although it may be cloudy or foggy… But u know it has still come to greet u with a smile…. Just wait for the fog and the cloud to disperse away …. And keep the faith in ur heart and optimism in ur View… 

Nowonwards, Always Watch the Setting Sun with a Positive Vision and bid it a good-bye with a Smile on Ur Face and a Cuppa Coffee in Ur Hand coz after all its taking away with it – Ur sorrows n tears n worries of the day to dump it far away..!! It proves itself to be the biggest Stress-Buster..!! 

Anyways.. I hv already bade it.. And now I too m longing to go n drown into my beloved’s arms and that’s my BED…!!! Bye for now..!!

P.S. - A Setting Sun is the Best Time for Lovers to Meet... It is the Best to Go for a drive.. To Go for a Coffee... To Return Back Home to Ur Loved Ones.. How can it be depressive..?? :P


  1. i ve a history with sunsets... u kno what i am talking bout...gazing in to each other's eyes n being romantic is not my cup of tea but yes it is de best tyms to see ur loved ones... specially frens n fly since i adore em the most... truly said ... there is nothing in lyf that can make u think negative if u urself dont want too... its basically one's mindset...for me i wud say ... reading a book @ a beach all thru de day n evening n it goes on .... i wud love that...

    also, my dream destination tahiti has lots of amazing birds, beaches, lovely weather & sunsets... since i aint a morning person sun rises is a rare sight for me .... !

    1. Aashu.. I know what u r talking about..And dats what i mean... Its never the nature thats pessimistic.. Its our mindset... Tahiti sounds interesting...!! :P

  2. Thumbs up to the Positivity...!! Always remember... The person who can see positivity in a sunset can never feel low in life... keep ur thoughts like this only... This blog is close to my heart... Now i understand why u loved sunset so much since ur childhood...!! U used to stare at it like crazy...!!

    1. Thank u mom...<3..... M trying to keep my thoughts lyk that only.. And blessings on 3 imp persons in my lyf r helping me out...!!


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