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Friday 9 November 2012

Single N Happy...!!

People often mythify that Being Single is really tough and depressing while all your friends around you are coupling up. That single girls feel insecured about their friends getting hitched. Its all a hogwash according to me…!! Its not that single girls are insecured or something… Its that they are having discomfort of societal and familial pressure to get married… Howeva, people don’t realize that succumbing to these pressures might force you to compromise for ur entire life..!!

Its like when u r Single, Every elder becomes “Agony Aunt” types … As if saying “Let us handle your Life honey… You just have to pick up your wedding gown.. Everything else assured..!!”… Ohhhhh pleasssseee…. Gimme a break…!!!
No.. I am not being an Austere or Ascetic … But I just need some time to be by myself.. and will do the needful if I feel lyk… 

Even when you go for a job.. or may be u fill up an form.. there is specially a field given in Bold Letters..which asks for “Marital Status”.. And it has various checkboxes to tick.. Interesting..!!

So, if you've been divorced, you can't check the Single box?  (they very much can)

If you're widowed, hey, thanks for reducing this life tragedy to a check box on a piece of paper!! (it hurts ticking that)

One day, that question will join the ranks of the "not allowed" questions on forms!They really leave off a lot of possibilities, too. 

They should have a check box for:
* Married but planning my escape!

* Single, and happier.

We need a statute of limitations here. I'm sure you can think of some other possibilities!!

5 Reasons again why People mythify that Marriage is Important for Single Girls…

1. Social security – Ohhh plsss..!! These days singles are more secured, strong, bold and have reached on the heights without having “The Man Badge”. (Like Lata Mangeshkar)

2. Companionship – Why?? Can’t Platonic relationships serve that purpose???

3. To have children and experience the Motherhood – Can’t we adopt kids? (like Sushmita Sen did *grin*)

4. For Companionship in Older Age – Why?? R u an astrologer? Do u know whats gonna happen next very second??? What if the guy u marry leaves u in a year or sooner.. Or what if he passes away??.. Doesn’t your hobbies serve the purpose at times of loneliness???

5. Commitment – Gr8! Commitment which is mistaken these days by guys as dependency or possessiveness or interference.. They wanna be committed but at the same time want their independence too… Having flings here and there…

(Chuck it all pls…!!)

I don’t understand why, especially the Indian society doesn’t approve of girls being single and happy??.. Why do Dead get Respect, Widows get Sympathy and Singles get Scorn..?? I mean really.. Its really lame that parents who spared their every second of life after you, took pains and sacrifices and brought u up.. U leave them and take up responsibilities of in-laws… who come from nowhere after 25 years of life… and most of the time who are the main subject of gossip at job places.. Its just so flimflam…!!

I wud rather take care of my own parents who brought me up and took care of me and take care of my mentor who taught me how to live life.. rather than taking responsibility of some unknown who appear after 25 years from nowhere and dominate my life and be the proprietors of it…

I don’t understand why do single girls require that “Man Badge” or that “Mrs. Tag” just to prove their existence in the society.. I m Single and having quite a Chirpy personality… And I know that many are perplexed by the fact that how can I be happy being single..

I repeat I am Not Being Austere or Ascetic .. But I m enjoying my Spinsterlicious Life ..!! And I respect the Singlehood…!! Its not that I neva wanna get married but for now let the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign hang on my doorknob a little longer, yeah a little longer.

And for all mythifying people… Marriage is a lot more than just being “Single, Married, Divorced or Widowed…!”

Cheers to all the single females in the world…(May it be Neva Married, Widowed or Divorced).....!!! U hv proved urself much stronger and better than the rest…!! Maintain that dignity…and Keep rocking..!! 


  1. Amazing Topic but I chose not to comment :)

    1. LOL... No one enjoys the Singlehood like U do aashu.. And hats off to U for it..!! And no1 knws this better than U..!!

  2. I choose to pick up the line from your blog itself - “Let us handle your Life honey… You just have to pick up your wedding gown.. Everything else assured..!!”.. LOL

    1. Arghhhhhh...!! Mooooommmmmmmmm....Plsssss.....


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